Monday, 27 December 2010

Days 20 - 26 (Bad blogger...)

So I have been an extremely bad blogger. Haven't blogged for nearly a week. I suck at this game! 

So here we go...massive blog post to catch up! :D

Day 20 – This month
This month has been a bit of a weird one. I moved out on a short term basis...for the sake of my sanity. It was a nice lil flat, I actually really liked it. Only problem was the price (because it was short term) so I ended up coming back home 10 days earlier than planned. 

When I get back from the States I plan on moving into my own place as soon as I can. 

This month was also my sisters 18th Birthday, Beccas visit and one month until I see my Codaniel again!

Day 21 – Another moment
Winning the Christmas pod decorating competition! 

At work there is a tradition where each lil pod of desks (each team) decorates them for Christmas and then theres a judging competetion. Me being the over the top, over-excitable person that I am, I was well excited about it. Especially as my team told me they never normally have time to plan anything and dont do much. 

So I had been planning ideas since September and the idea everyone liked was "Return to Sender". Because our team received a lot of returned mail and it was Christmas No 1 in 1962 (theres the Christmassy theme) we performed and everything!

I was really hoping we would win, although competition was fierce....and we did! Albeit a joint victory with the team that performed "The Nutcracker" but that was fair, as they'd won 2 years running and really wanted the hat trick.

Oh yeah and the prize? The wonderful paper mache turkey! 

Day 22 – This upsets me
Many things upset me. From the trivial (like soppy movies) to the big. I think the things that upset me the most is when my faith in things is challenged. I have great faith in the people I love. In how much I'd like to think they love and care about me in return. Especially with the people I have invested so much into. 

And to be a part of situations where you learn they perhaps didnt care as much as you thought they did truly upsets me. Realising they dont know you at all, dont value your thoughts or opinions or worse - feelings. Sometimes feeling like they dont even respect you as a human being 

I've been in this situation with "friends", friends, family, partners - you name it. And it hurts. It truly does. But then maybe this is the outcome of thinking the ones you love can do no wrong. Although at the same time theres a big difference between doing "no wrong" and disregarding you entirely. 

Day 23 – This makes me feel better
When your faith in humanity is then restored. Comments from a stranger, a loved one redeeming themselves. But most of all - hearing someone who truly loves me telling me they wish I didnt have to go through that. 

Hugs make me feel better too. I truly believe there is no problem in the world that cant begin to be solved by someone holding you. I think its because we revert to childhood a little bit. When a scraped knee or a lost toy could be made better with a cuddle. Being wrapped in someones arms makes us feel safe and loved. Secure - completely safe from the outside world. 

Its also the human contact thing. Makes us feel much less alone. 

This is why I love the "Free Hugs" campaign. I'd quite like to take part in one of those myself one day. 

Day 24 – This makes me cry
See Day 22....

Day 25 – A first

My first job. I worked in Greggs. Greggs for those of you not in the UK is a chain of bakers. They sell sandwiches, pasties, cakes, donughts etc. And they're actually very cheap. Very "working class staple" :D

My friend Karen got me the job - bless her, I'm always greatful to her for that. We were only 6, both at college and wanting to eearn our extra money. It may've only been a Saturday job but I worked hard - proud to be earning my own money. I picked up extra shifts whenever I could fit it in around my college schedule. 

The first store I worked in with Karen was SO busy and run by right battle-axes. After a few months there I transferred to a different store. Further to travel for work but it was so worth it. The staff were lovely, my manager was an angel and I had so much fun working there. I was sad to leave, when I entered the word of fundraising. My manager tried to get me to stay, saying she could get me an assistant managers job and I could progress to manager really quickly. 

That was a big opportunity at age 18 but I decided I didnt want to be in retail my whole life. I needed a change. Maybe the managerial experience would've been beneficial but I made my choice. 

Day 26 – My fears
Fears. Actual phobias include needles, hospitals and doctors in general. I cant stand them! It stems primarily from having my first shot (in memory) at about age 7. It was a bit scary - as shots are to 7 year olds, but I got through it. However after I got back to my classroom (it was at school...and boy was our school nurse evil!) I started feeling really ill and ended up fainting in my teachers lap! 

I dont know if it was because of the injection, if I was ill or overheated or what. But since then I associate the two and its terrifying. I hate fainting. I've fainted more times than I can count in my lifetime! 

Although I'm getting better, I nearly passed out on the train the other day because I'd been ill and then was really overheated on the crowded commuter train. But I refused, point blank, and I managed not to. 

Still doesnt stop me hating needles though! I better get over it soon. Apparently if I move to the States I need to have somewhere close to 20 different inoculations! *Shudders*

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