Friday, 10 May 2013

New job, new happies

Yes yes yes.....bad blogger. I know I know...

But I feel I have a very valid excuse. My new job has kept me crazy busy in the very best kind of way, and even though this means I get home in the evenings knackered it's the very best kind of "Yay I worked hard and am having fun at the same time" knackered.

So as it is the main thing occupying my life at the moment, here are a few things that I am loving about my new Managerial role.

1) I'm a Manager! I wanted to be a manager for so long, I've been so fortunate to learn from some amazing people in my sector and I've always wanted to the opportunity to push myself to that level. So now I'm here it's a little scary at times, but at the same time feels awesome!

2) My colleagues are amazing. Everyone in this office is so friendly, there is a great level of fun banter and giggles without any bitchiness or nastiness. My team are especially lovely, I felt settled and part of the team almost immediately.

3) I'm back in central London! Working out in deepest Essex with nothing but a Sainsburys, greasy spoon cafe and 10 dozen chicken shops was quite depressing. Now I have history, modern architecture, great food and more Starbucks's than I can count within spitting distance from my office. Only downside is keeping that bank balance in check!

4) We're social. We have cake for birthdays, leaving drinks, even a mini-"goodbye" and congratualtions before my manager went off to get married. It just makes the office a really nice place to work and somewhere you want to come to.

5) Softball! I have been in the charity sector for 7 years and never worked somewhere with a team in the league. We just joined this year and even though we got flattened by the most notorious team in the league in our first game, I still can't wait for the rest.

6) I get to see Mat dressed as a peapod (or possibly the goat in the future!) at events.....that ones totally self explanatory surely? :)