Saturday, 18 December 2010

Excellent Make Up Advice!

My very good friend Janny is something of a makeup expert in my humble opinion.

She creates beautiful looks, has amazing style in clothes and some excellent tips to help you get your make up and nail varnish in perfect shape.

And to top it all off she gives away free stuff on her blog! :D

So if you want to win some fabulous beauty goodies have a look at her blog here

Even if you dont enter the giveaway, definitely follow her blog for lots off great advice.


  1. Good! I could use some make-up advice!

  2. Mmm I think your right...your eyelines always slightly off, and that lipstick shade just doesnt suit you at all.


  3. hahaha no pro..def no pro...half of the time i dont know what im doing :P

    but thanx babe!


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