Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Say cheese!

Things making me smile today:

  • My new hair! I only went in to get it cut and trimmed. She actually didnt really do my fringe quite the way I wanted, I wanted it shorter and more choppy but like this I can tuck it behind my ear and still have it appear choppy and also have it long and femine in differnet styles so actually its quite good. Def wasnt planning on the colour but she suggested it and I thought "Why not?". Quite a bit blonder than I was expecting but I do really like it! It should also "tone down a bit" after a couple of washes.
  • The fact that I've managed to get my nails to grow!!! I should really take a picture before (God forbid) one of them breaks. Just for the record I have never ever been able to grow my nails, I always bite them. So yay me! If they do break maybe I should invest in some of Janny's recommended Nail Glue
  • The fact that tommorow is New Years Eve and thus the beginning of a New Year and a new start. 2010 is going to be my year baby! I have good feelings about it and I'm going to make it A.MAZ.ING!!!
  • Following on from that 2010 is going to be the year I get my own house and the job I want because I have decided it so. It may also be the year I meet a nice guy - but that will be if the Universe has decided it so :)
  • Had a wicked day today. Very productive meetiing with Marsha discussing our Event Management buisness. There's an awful lot of hard work to be put in over the next 12 to 18 months but I can see it being very beneficial. Then had a lovely relaxing lunch with Kirsty and Natalieanne. So good to chill out and catch up with the girls
  • Receiving a number of complimentary messages over the last few days - always lovely to receive and great at putting a smile on my face!
  • Involuntarily smiling at  the cute guy on the tube! I never have the confidence to do something like that.
I might post tommorow but in case I dont here is wishing everyone a VERY Happy New Year 2010.

I strongly recommend starting the new year how you mean to go on. And by that I mean in terms of your state of mind. Go into the new year with happy, positive thoughts knowing that this is going to be a fantastic year and you know what? It might just be :0)


Sunday, 27 December 2009

Geek Chic?

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas. Looking forward to New Years?

I hope you all got everything you wanted.

I wonder what anyone would deduce looking at my Christmas prezzies:
  • Big Bang Theroy season 2 DVD
  • Top Gear DVD and books
  • "Rock paper scissors lizard spock" tshirt
  • "What happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck tshirt
  • "You never forget your first doctor" tshirt
  • Doctor Who scene it
  • Men behaving badly DVDs
  • David Attenborough DVDs
My family reckon looking at that pile that it would belong to a "geeky guy". Now I have no problem with this, I am a geek and proud; but "guy"??? Maybe this is where I'm going wrong wih getting a boyfriend? :)

I did have some girly stuff too. Sparkly jewllary, Benefit makeup and Twilight journals. (I need to think of a creative use for them. Suggestions on a postcard please)

I sat and watched all of the Big Bang Theroy in a day! I LOVE Leonard. I want a guy like him - he's adorable and so sweet and in my opinion pretty good looking too. I never said I had conventional tastes - and proud of it! Gimme Johnny Galecki over Robert 'I have the inability to act' Pattinson any day!

While I was looking for that photo I also found this one. Yum!

And now for something completly different:

I was chatting to my friend online and was reminded of this story. It works both ways so use boy/girl interchangably.

Girls are like apples on trees.
The best ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach for the good ones
because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as
good, but easy. So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them,
when in reality,they're amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along,
the one who's brave enough to
climb all the way to the top of the tree.

So remember that guys and girls. It may sound like an email forward thingy but theres so much truth in it.

Thursday, 24 December 2009


Hehe as you can tell by the Slade impression it is indeed Christmas Eve. I watched Muppett Christmas Carol this morning so it is officially Christmas now. In my opionion that is Michael Caine's finest role. But then I would say that I suppose - I've grown up on that film! :)

I'm so disappointed, we had loads of snow and ice and I was hoping it would last until tommorow so it would at least look like a white christmas. No such luck though, it rained last night and washed it all away. I am quite glad though - the ice on my road was pretty treachourous. It scared me just walking down it even in my big clumpy walking boots. Excellent Bambi impressions though!

Or Bella...talking of which I'm re-reading Twilight for the umpteenth time. And I cant get stupid Rpattz or even Taylor out of my head! And my Edward and Jacob were perfect. Grr very angry. Luckily I've still got my Eclipse Jacob in my head which means I probably shouldnt go see it when it comes out. (Although I inevitably will)

And now talking of Vampires - I get to go see the premier of the new Being Human in the New Year!!! My friend Lia won tickets and is taking me with her! THANK YOU LIA! I'm SOOO excited - especially as the stars will be there! By the way anyone who doesnt know about the amazing-ness that is Being Human you need to Wiki that shit right now! Beautiful ghost, adorable werewolf and super HAWT Irish vampire all living together trying to be human. Wonderfully clever, typically British and super amazing. I love it!

Ok, so I think thats about all from me. All thats left to say is:

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope Father Christmas brings you everything you want. Eat, drink and be merry. And remember "Wherever you find love it feels like Christmas!"

Friday, 18 December 2009

It's Christmas time...

Sarah is officially in the Christmas mood! The decorations are up (on her desk as well as at home), today was Christmas lunch at work, the Christmas songs are playing and to top it all off - it snowed!!!

Yup real actual snow! This is the closest its snowed to Christmas in a LONG time. I am so hoping for that magical of all things - a White Christmas!

*Starts humming Bing Crosby, much to the annoyance of all those at the desks around her*

Also very exciting news - Candy Mountain arrived this morning! From the WONDERFUL McMegs. I was so mega excited that I was jumping around singing "Candy Mountains here! My parcel from Megs is here!"

Thank you very much my lovely Lexling McMegs!

Monday, 14 December 2009


Ok, so I think the universe is testing me. There's me speaking about positivity and not sweating the small stuff and work throughs me the biggest curveball of a stressful day. And I'm not even there! I'm at home ill. But its our big event tommorow and so there was a load of stuff that I had to do.

Which ironically I wouldnt have had to do if people kept their noses out and stopped keep thinking they know better than me.

I hate my job. I feel that no-one trusts me to do what I'm meant to do. Everyone thinks events organisation and fundraising is so easy, anyone can do it. Well if thats the case you'll be just fine when I leave wont you? And I am leaving. I've been wanting to leave for a quite a while. I'm complelty undervalued as an employee and a person but I was being sensible and not leaving until I have a new job. But now I cant stand it. I think I'm going to hand my notice in this week. My family reckon I should milk them for whatever I can, go on sick leave or something. But as pissed off as and as badly as they've treated me they are still a charity and I couldnt do that. It would ultimatly damage the work we do with young people.

It really makes me feel so negative about myself and what I do though. Why doesnt anyone trust me? I wonder this frequently. Is it because I'm young? Because I didnt go to Uni? Because they think the subject matter doesnt need someone with expereience - anyone can do events/fundraising?

I try my hardest to remember that its probably not any of the above its that there are cerain people in my organisation that behave like children and this is part of the childish behaviour. But regardless I hate it.

Im not claiming to be an expert but I work hard at what I do and would like to think people would at least consult me rather than going off and doing their own thing and chucking it on me (wrong) later.

Argh I dont know. Fingers crossed my next job, wherever I go will value me for my work. Very much going to be a 2 way interview I think.

Picture of the day:

Stress is not good for my hair :)

Saturday, 12 December 2009


So the  iPhone arrived (yay!) but the text message did not...

To be honest I'm not that bothered. Yes I'm bothered because "Hello???" an explanation at least would be nice. But then I also think "Hey I'm 6 years younger - not exactly what he went out looking for is it?" so in the words of many email forward "Do not be sad because it is because it happened" Which is what I'm doing.

Been thinking a lot about poitivity and attitudes to life recently. Basically I try really hard to always look on the positive side. And I really dont mean that in a cheezy or untrue way. In the last year or so I've done a lot of growing up and I've come to the concusion that life is just too short. We can go through life unhappy and stressing the small stuff or we could smile, be the bigger person, step away from the bad situation and live your life a happier person. And even the bigger stuff. Money, love, houses, career etc. Everything happens for a reason and everything happens when its meant to. I dont mean sit around on your arse and wait for life to hand you what you want on a golden platter, you have to work to get what you want but I mean things like why be upset because you didnt get an interview for that job you really wanted? That oviously wasnt the job for you so move on and apply for the next one just as hard as you did before.

Why worry about money? You cant take it with you when you go so as long as your relativly sensible dont worry or feel guilty about spending money - especially on those you love or little treats to brighten your day. If it'll make someone smile why not?

You know it could be so easy to wallow in self depression. To focus on the bad and to let yourself get wrapped up in the crap life can deal you. But why would it be so much harder to remember the times that made you laugh uncontrollably, to feel like the bigger person and to count the ones you love and who love you? Take my current snapshot on life. Would I rather think:

"I dont have a boyfriend, I still live at home, my job sucks, I hardly ever see my friends, I dont drive, the weather sucks, I've got a cold" blah blah blah moan moan bitch OR

"There are a number of guys who in the last 2 months have found me very attractive and I can continue to have my self confidence boosted on a daily basis if I so choose by smiling at that cute guy without feeling guilty, I save loads each month to go towards my own place, I've learnt so much in my current job and made some AMAZING friends, my friends are all focussing on making their lives amazing and I'm happy for them, my driving instructor thinks I'm an above average pupil so I'll be passing in no time, I get to wrap up warm in hoodies, I've got a cold" yay smile laugh. Ok so the cold sucks and is still in there but it'll be gone in a few days (hopefully...)

So I guess the point of this particulat random rambling (I did warn you when I started this blog) is to smile, dont sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff for that matter) and just remember that the sun will rise again tommorow and things always look better in the morning.

Stay positive *hugs*

Hehe Googled "Positivity" and this was the first pic to come up! :) Remind you of anything???

Pic of the day:

Thursday, 10 December 2009


Tired, sleepy, generally wanting to go back to bed. Definintly think I have vampire/nocturnal tendencies. I love mornings but generally only when I'm stumbling my way through them and back to bed after the night before! :)

Dont get me wrong I do love the daytime but I seem to function much better at night. Or maybe I function less well and am under the misguided impression that it is well.....hmmm

So I am anxiously NOT staring at the phone waiting for a text message....I am NOT anxiously waiting for the arrival of the iPhone. I am NOT a little bit worried about going out for dinner tonight with group of friends within which there are tensions. So if I am NOT doing all of these things what am I doing? Well I'm actually not a) Working when I should be b) Writing a job application c) Preparing for a telephone interview - any of the above would be beneficial to me.

Ho hum.

Current annoyances:

  • Someone deleting something off my memory stick which granted I may have accidently said to do and granted I probably do have saved elsewhere but regardless an apology would not kill you!
  • Someone complaining and moaning and generally being a bit "Kevin the teenager-esque" when I try and do soemthing nice for them
  • The continual knowledge that I am completly un-appreicated and un-trusted in my job

Current happinesses (yeah its a word....)

  • Just overheard the funniest thing in the office:
"My friend got caught trying to smuggle dope into Amsterdam"

  • It's only 15 days until Christmas! I love Christmas!
  • I am yet to get stressed about all the things I am NOT doing today. Lets see if that still holds true around 8pm tonight...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Sarah should be writing a job application but she is procrastinating. Lady Lisa is going to tell her off quite severley she thinks.

What is it about knowing we desperatly have to do something that makes us want to go on Facebook, Blog, read, generally read about random crap online.

Well whilst I'm desperatly trying to not be distracted waste some frivilous time looking at these interesting bits and pieces....

iPhone and Selfridges

Yay! First follower! Thank you Janny :)

So today I decided on my new phone. Yes the iPhone must be mine! Yes I continue being on an expensive contract, yes for the next 2 years, yes I had to pay an extra £87 to get the 16GB one to actually fit my music and videos on, yes I will probably spend far too much on applications but but but....its so pretty! And fun! Whos taking bets that I'll be bored of it within a week?

Also today went into Selfridges, Oxford Street for the first time in my life (and you live in London!? I hear you cry). I desperatly needed to find a decent concealer and foundation and stop using the cheap crap that I continue to buy from Superdrug. Also it will be my Christmas prezzies from my Aunt who has no idea what to buy me. So I walked in and...So many makeup counters! So many choices! Kid, candy store - you get the picture. In the end went for Benefit because I know them, know my aunt likes them and generally trust them as a brand.

Woman was lovely, made me all up and I felt really bad for not buying anything there and then but what can ya do? They'll also get an eyebrow pencil thing and a lipstick out of me when my aunt does buy them though so its all good in my book.

Pic of the day:

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Good morning! (Well afternoon) Hello and welcome to the first post of my shiny new blog.

I'm Sarah (Saz, Sazzle, Drama Queen - whatever really)

This is one of those things I'd planned to do for years and never got round to. I've only ever had one blog before and that wasnt very succesful (BTW if anyone did follow that I did give up chocolate for the full month and raised around £800 in total for the Haemophilia Society)

As I say in my introduction there is no sole purpose for this blog. There is no reason other than for my own amusement and to ponder lifes "mysteries" things like "Why do I never wash my tea mug up the night before and instead leave it to get skanky the next day?"

I've put the "adult content" warning on because I cant promise that I will restrain from the odd swear words or the like. Must protect the innocent and all that....

Feel free to leave comments and postings. Hope you enjoy the randomness that is the inner workings of my mind! :)

Picture for the day:

My philosophy all over really! When in doubt - eat chocolate :)