Saturday, 11 December 2010

Day 08 – One moment

"Give me ooooooonnnne moment in tiiiiiimmmmmeee...when I'm more than I thought I could be..."

Ok I'm knackered (its 4am and I have no voice left from talking and squeeing with Becca and Vicky. I'd like to talk about some big defining moment or something but I'm too tired to do that now...maybe will double post tomorrow.

For today my one moment (of many but this ones easy to type and slightly obscure!) was this:

Martin Lewis is the "Money Saving Expert" - independent financial advice thats always super helpful. I follow them on Facebook and this morning happened to see go by that today was their office xmas party.

Fast forward about 6 hours to me, Becca and Vicky hunting down a pub to eat in before the Johnny gig. I notice a printed sign saying "MSE Christmas Party upstairs". not only that - saw Martin Lewis about an hour later.

How excited over something relatively small was I? - Very is the answer!

Ok, I blogged today. It sucks and I will try better tomorrow but right now cant even keep my  eyes open and I'm impressed I got this far!

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