Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 04 – I ate this today

What a random subject to blog about...

I'm actually watching Ratatouille at the moment so maybe thats kinda appropriate!

Umm so here ya go:

Breakfast: Special K with red berries
Goodness knows how many cups of tea! (We're all tea-fiends in my office!)
Lunch: Ham sandwich and an apple
Snack: I asked Ralph to get  me something "Chocolate" I believe my exact words were "Something double, triple 'death by choclatey'" hehe!
Dinner: Toad in the hole

Oh yeah! Ironically I actually do have something interesting to blog about on this subject.

Marmite Chocolate.

Now Marmite for those of you that don't know is a sandwich spread. Its basically a yeast extract. They're slogan is "You either Love it or Hate it" and they're right! You should've seen people in America's reactions. The girls, like me, all loved it. The boys thought they'd been poisoned...

And yup thats basically the effect it has.

So combining it with chocolate is just...weird! There are no words to describe it. At first I thought I kinda liked it but then the marmite really kicked in with a strong aftertaste. As much as I love both, together its just WRONG.

So to add to that list, before I go to bed I'm going to have a Hazelnut hot chocolate.

Nom noms!

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