Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I did it!

Yesterday was a scary exciting day - I handed my notice in! Yep I did it! That means America is truly happening. (Well I knew it was anyway but even more so now!)

I was really nervous actually. Because I wasnt doing it off the back of anger (which is always a good thing) I actually felt kind of guilty. I believe my exact words were "Errm I'm kind of...handing in my notice...if thats ok?" Yeah like its gonna make a difference if its not! hehe

They were pretty cool about it. So now its just a case of making sure everythings done and in place before I leave. There's no way I'm leaving my collegues in the shit like other people have in the past when they've left.

It's quite scary knowing I have no idea what I'm going to do when I get back but flipping it on its head how refreshing is it to have the oppurtunity to do anything I choose when I get back if I wanted to?

Update on the fitness:
Went for a run on Monday lunchtime at lost, I wasn't even going far! Goodness knows how I managed that...made it back though eventually!
Yesterday I was going to do some yoga and exercises and stuff on the Wii Fit but it was having a bit of a temper tantrum (probably from not being used for so long!) so instead I was skipping in the garden (as in with a rope...not just "la la ls" up and down like an 8 year old!) and then did sit ups and those sideway weight/waist toning exercise things that Matt showed me.

Oh and this was my dinner:

Yup bunny food! And you know what? I actually enjoyed it!

(By the way mushrooms in salad is pure genius! Thanks again Matt!)

Annnd! I've gone 4 days now without chocolate. (oh wait I had two choc chop cookies yesterday) but thats the whole point, I'm not denying it completly just not eating it unless I really crave it. I'm sure Becca will fix that when we crack into Candy Mountain though!

So yup thats me at the moment.


  1. I got to ask and maybe there is a post that explains it all so you can direct me there: What's with the sudden up and quit and go to America bug? And privately, how the freak can you afford to basically go backpacking through the states? What do you do now as a job and what would you want to do when you get back?

    It's so exciting that someone in this economy has the means to do this!

  2. hehe, I dont know. I get quite impulsive so I went from having this little flight of thought to thinking "Screw it! I'm gonna do it!" I've always wanted to visit America so I thought "Why not?"

    I didnt go Uni so I dont have any student debt and I've basically been working since I was 16. I'm gonna take out a loan to pay for it though.

    I'm basically working on the premise of Your only young once and you never know what might happen tommorow.

    Sorry, thats not really very informative. Basically I'm a crazy biatch who may not have thought this through but is going to enjoy the crap out of it none the less! :)

  3. Hey plus you get to stay at all your cool as lexlings places for free! So there is a nice perk! HAHA. I think it is awesome and wish I could do it considering I have the major case of blues right now! As i quote the HOLIDAY, best movie right... I NEED TO BE THE OWN LEADING LADY IN MY LIFE and need some GUMPTION! ANd you SARAH have GUMPTION!!!


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