Saturday, 18 December 2010

Day 16 – My first kiss

Ah. Unlike so many other firsts this I remember in all its uncomfortable glory.

I want to tell the full story but then too many people will know exactly who it was and I feel thats just not fair as some people I know may still know him.

But it was awful. We were on a date that was already a disaster, he turns up out of no where and we went and sat somewhere kinda private, leaned in and we started kissing. And then there was just so much...salivia! It was not pleasant to say the least.

Ok, to make this a more positive and uplifting blog post I'm going to talk about my first kiss with Codaniel because THAT was amazing!

We'd had a good...3 month build up or so for our relatiionship.

I got to the hotel earlier than expected and unpacked in 5 minutes flat. Rechanged outfit, redid hair and makeup, decided to sit ON the table as opposed to a bed or a chair (it was logical at the time I was so nervous) then I actually heard him outside before he knocked.

I ran to the door and had a peek through the spyhole. He looked so amazing. He was wearing his leather jacket and running his hand through his hair like he's from the 50's or something! 

I flew open the door and we just kinda stared at each other for a sec, dumbstruck. Then there was a really anti-climatic but super sweet sharing of "Hi". He looked at me, told me "You are so beautiful" and we just sort of fell into each other. It was really sweet because it wasnt a crazy "I have to have you now" kiss it was a "we've both been waiting for this for so long" kiss. 

*SIgh* Still makes me smile hugely thinking about it :)

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  1. aww that was so sweet and i can say i so get this!!!


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