Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Ok, deep calming breath. Remember to breath. Try not to panic. *Panics* AAAAHHHHH!!!

Ok so last day at work is tommorow. Still got a billion and one things to do lest of all tons of filing and clearing two years worth of tat from my desk. - Stress

Then tonight I'm going to pick up stuff from the ex's house. Eep! Not seeing the ex - seeing the ex's family for the first time. Not knowing what on earth what to expect - Stress.

Booked a doctors appointment for Friday, dont like Doctors, dont cope well with them and may have to be there for up to 2 hours! 2 hours! - Stress (God bless Janna for offering to come with me though. I love you!)

Still have untold amounts of bits and pieces to do for the trip including booking a train, completing Visa waiver thing, checking luggage allowance etc - Stress

Couple of little projects that I need to get done including booking Ireland for Oli's wedding and a few other things - Stress.

Not quite knowing how to cope with all of the above stress - STRESS! Coupled with severe lack of sleep, being freezing cold and muscles aching from sleeping funny does not equal a happy Sarah.

What's worse? This is all going on in my brain. When I see Karen and the boys to go to the ex's tonight it'll be smiling and games. All day tommorow will be crazy yet sad randomness. I love having a blog so I can just go "WAAAHHHH!" and try and get it off my chest. Doesnt seem to be working though.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bad blogger...very bad blogger

Hello. Yes I have been absolutly disgraceful and havnt let you observe the inner workings of my strange little mind for over a week. Apologies. I have been very busy with work handover, last minute trip preperations, helping out with the Stag Do, a certain someone ;) and a couple of mini projects that I'm planning. Ah where is all the time going!?

So whats been happening of late. Last Thursday went to visit one of our projects in a prision which was...eye opening to say the least. I was very conscious of giving off the "goldfish in a bowl" feeling. The lads who let us look at their cells were lovely but I felt really intrusive. This is someone who is just going about his day and theres me, some random person coming in to stare at them. Well obviously thats not why I was there but still.....not a very comfortable feeling.
On the same day I lost my iPhone in Greenwich grabbing lunch with Kirsty. I thought "Well thats it, its gone" only to have the guy that found it answer the phone and hang around in Peckham (for those out of London: Very rough area of South London. We drove past a guy that had been stabbed and a huge accident) for nigh on 2 hours to return it to me. And it didnt even have a scratch on it! I was so greatful I gave him a hug! Totally boosted my faith in humanity. Kirsty thinks he was an Angel. And to be honest - he may well have been :)

Me and Sami have the Forks section of our trip planned! Thank goodness for modern technology being able to chat online and book things at the same time, hehe. We're going to be SUCH fangirls when we get there - we can see it coming! I promise there will be untold amounts of pictures being taken. Seriously this blogs going to be on meltdown when I go to America.

It's my final few days at work. Last day is Thursday. I am actually really sad to go. It's going to be so weird not working with Lisa and Kirsty. And the thought has kinda hit home that I dont have another job to go to....but its ok. I have faith that everything happens for a reason. It probably wouldn't hurt to try and get a few applications off though.

I have been helping plan the "embarresment factor" of my friend's stag do. Mwah ha ha! He will regret asking for my involvement! I wont post too much just in case he reads this but I will be sure to post photos that I have requested from the lads going afterwards. *Chuckles*

Hmm what else. Not too much interesting to be honest. Tonight I'm off to see 30 Seconds to Mars at Wembly though! Thats mega exciting! Will let you know what it was like at some indeterminate point in the future.

Its going to be mighty cold getting there though. Sarah is not a fan of this evil winter and wants it to be Spring already!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Kirsty is amazing!

I just want to tell the world how amazing Kirsty is.

Seriously - this girl is awesome! She is a fantastic listener, always has an open ear to hear me ramble on about my random crap.

And she's never judgemental or anything. She has some of the best advice I've ever heard and totally gets how my weird little brain works.

I sometimes feel that I do prattle on and dump a load of stuff on her so Kirst I just wanna say you are frickin amazing girl! Thank you so much. I'm gonna miss you tons when I leave!

She has these amazing little pearls of wisdom. And she tells them to me in such an amazing, down to earth way that makes so much sense and always really helps with whatever my little imploding brain is trying to deal with.

"Sometimes you have to be a little bit broken to be a little bit fixed"
"Women have pop-ups and you need to deal with the pop up before you can close it and move on"
"Your like a garden and you just need a bit of pruning"

I tell you - the womans a genius!

She is also amazing at finding super funny cool stuff on YouTube! Kirsty please continue to send me random stuff on YouTube via email!

On a complete side note...I think I broke the flying alarm clock. I smushed it this morning and the properller may be broken. Oh dear! hehe

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Becca Barminess and Valentine's Day

Sarah had SO much fun with Becca this week! Sarah and Becca went to see Mr Johnny Flynn and ended up right at the front because they were so early. Proper fangirls! But that was nothing - you should've seen the fanBOYS! They were obsessed. Poor Johnny was absolutly mobbed after the gig. Including fighting over his set list and wanting him to sign random scraps of paper. And there was one guy with a guitar who wanted to sing with him.

Sarah and Becca wanted to say hi but didnt want to go all "Squee-ie". So they hung around until he was done with all the stranger fans and said hi. They didnt attack him for photos or anything, just told him how much they really liked him after seeing him in Glasgow.

Sarah is excited about going up to Glasgow for more barminess and shennanigans in a couple of weeks.

So today is Valentines Day. It is also Lexily Speak in 3rd Person Day (hence the blogging in 3rd Person Sarah is currently taking part in. Although shes stopping now because her brain isnt concentrating enough)

Valentine's Day is celebrated in Finland as "Friendship Day". I think this is really sweet and a lovely way to celebrate. Friends are such an important part of life and I dont know where I would be without mine.

I understand when people say Valentines Day is "commercialised" and "why do we have to have one day to show how much we care about someone?" But I like it. Unless you do only show people how much you care on 14th Feb each day, that would be bad. But if you try and let that special person in your life know how much you care all the time then the 14th of the shortest month of the year is a lovely occasion.

Its funny when I was at school I absolutly hated it. All the "popular" girls got all manner of teddies and chocolates etc. But as an adult I have come to realise that I would rather celebrate the day with friends or by having a relaxing day then by getting some random thing from someone I dont care about.

Although THIS year I got even better. Something thoughtful and wonderful from someone I really care about. And that was better than any roses or chocolates any time.

Thank You. You know how much I loved it :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dream home

Whilst looking for something completly unrelarted on Google I have found what I would love my perfect room to look like. I never realised WHAT I wanted to look like before until I saw these pictures. I'm officially in love.

A bath.
In a stone grotto.
Surrounded by wood.
And its purple.
With flowers.
And an open fire.


I think its some form of "Anniversary hotel" in Geneva or something. I dont care. I'm stealing the ideas for my (currently nonexistant) house.
It's like a fairy tale without being cheesy. *Gah* Why are us girls such saps huh? Oh right, answered my own question - BECAUSE we are girls! hehe. It's a part of us, I dont care how much this or that girl acts all independet and "hard" etc etc, I believe every girl just wants the fairytale.

And look! It has a little balcony and its quite clearly in the middle of a forest. And even the stones and that are purple. Its so gorgeous!

On a completly unrelated note I came across a very interesting group on Facebook called "Join if you want these stairs in your house" I was intrigued and clicked on it.

LOOK what it is!:

Talk about unbelivably cool!

Right, off to pick Becca up from the airport in a little while. I wish I drove. I dont mind getting trains everywhere having lived in London forever but I feel bad making other people who are used to the comfort of an automobile drive. Apologies in advance McBex!

By the way it is a beatifully sunny evening. Freezing cold and a few grey clouds but mainly bright blue skies and strong sunshine. Gorgeous!

Monday, 8 February 2010

James Marsters!

Saturday night went to see James Marsters in concert! Well I say concert, more of a gig really. At the Tabernacle in West London.

HUGE shout out and Thank You to the super Maria for that!

It was really good, he sings and plays guitar beautifully. Lets not even mention the fact that me and my sister have loved him since Buffy. (And Hello? Can anyone say greatest Torchwood episode of all time?)

I have a huge quantity of pictures thanks to Jamie being tall with a steady hand (you should've seen the abysmal shots I was trying to take.) but not with me at work so I will add them a little later. I also have about 30 seconds of sneaky video taken on the iPhone. We wernt allowed to video and they threatened that anyone caught doing so would be asked to leave so that was as much as I dared.

I had a couple of little gripes though. You wouldnt have believed how tight the security was. You'd've thought it was Obama in there or something! Also they said there was an oppurtunity to take photos afterwards. Great I hear you say. Yeah...For the privelige of £35! And guess who's muppett features sister paid it? She said it was well worth it though. Havnt even seen the picture yet - they send it to you apparently. 

Oh and most excitedly - as we were waiting for our cab outside he came past us and got into his! THEN when ours turned up - it was the same one! I rode in the same car as James Marsters! (Can we say "Fangirl?")

But yeah those things aside it was a really great gig. My new favourite song is Smile and I share it here for you. (I didnt make this vid by the way, just found it on YouTube) 

Sorry they're a bit delayed. Here's my link to the photos on Facebook. I've just included a couple here. Enjoy :)

There's not much video but here are the little snippetts I managed to take on the phone before I got scared about being chucked out! Hehe

Friday, 5 February 2010

This morning = Fail

11:30 (last night): Crash out on bed fully clothed AGAIN
1:30: Get into bed properly
7:30: Flying alarm goes off making god awful “clunk clunk clunk” sound cos I didn’t put the propeller on it properly
8:00: Rest of alarms on phone start to go off
8:45: Decide to actually get up
8:55: Make rash decision to do make up on the train to try and avoid being late
9:05: Can’t find oyster card
9:10: Still looking for oyster card
9:30: Finally found oyster card

9:31: Leave house
9:45: No seats on any of the trains – cant do make up on trains
10:00: Need breakfast, go into Starbucks – queue is a mile long
10:10: Finally get breakfast
10:15: Spill coffee all over sleeve in lift
10:20: Discover porridge is runny and horrible.
10:21: Realises still have no make up on. Wants to go back to bed and start the day over.

It did get better though. Had an email from the guy I messed up with yesterday saying it was all cool so that was a relief. He was really cool about it. *Phew*
Out for dinner tonight for Prabz birthday. Weekly exercise regime is suffering from having such a hectic social life. + All this bad food = not good. Need to get that back on track. Although I did come in the other night from consoling Nat and still did 2 sets of 15 sits ups and 2 sets of 20 a side sideway lift things.
AND my chocolate consumption is noticably reduced which is amazing.
Alaya threatened me with no dessert yesterday. My response?
I dont need more dessert - I need more exercise.
Aliens have indeed attempted to steal my brain (but apparently Codaniel has it safe so thats ok)
Hehe - Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Double edged Thursday

I have two polar opposite subjects to ramble on about today. I'll start with the negative and get it out of the way

Negging you out (Phrase we used to use as Face to Face fundraisers where it was all about the positive thinking to get through the day!)

Made a complete and utter FUCK up at work (Apologies - but it really was) I should've been at a school this morning to deliver an assembly and totally forgot! He was not happy, I was swearing in the office...oh it was a nightmare. But I've sent an apology email and if I dont hear back from him I'll call him too to apologise again. I suppose theres not much more I can do other than that is there?

Happy smiley people

The cats outta the bag! The Lex and Facebook exploded yesterday! I'm surprised we didnt melt their servers or something...Is 47 comments on a status a new record? What was it with me and Becca's great prank?

I don't care - you girls have your fun! This British chick is smiling like theres no tommorow and aint nothing gonna keep it off my face for long! (Even major work f ups...)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Morning

Wow went a whole weekend without posting! Thats very unlike me!

On Friday evening me and Kirsty were trying to help this homeless man on our way to the station. He's been there a while and looked really young so everyone in the office was really worried about him. (It turned out he was 18 and sadly there was nothing we could do other than let him know where he could go. We bought him a cup of tea and a sandwich though. Such a small thing to do and I wish I could do more)

Anyway my point of this particular random rant is this: In London homeless people dont get a second glance. They are "part of the scenery" almost to the point of invisibility. It breaks my heart but thats how it is. Until someone stops to help or talk to said homeless person. THEN the whole scene becomes a gawping site. Kirsty was chatting to him and we didnt want to overwhelm him so I stood off to the side and out of the flow of pedestrain traffic and I SWEAR I was ready to hit someone or scream at them or something. One or two people literally didnt see us or were pretending very hard not too, a few people looked sympathetic, a few more curious but on the whole the expression I saw more than anything was...disgust? Like the thoughts going through their heads were "why on earth is that young girl helping someone whos homeless" It made my blood BOIL! Maybe I was over reacting but I was really ready to scream at the next person who shot them dirty looks. Is this what humanity has sunk too?

Anyway...thats my slightly depressing rant. Sorry.

Yesterday I went round to Karens to see her and the twins. They've got SOO big! And they really do remember me now. Before it would always take them 10minutes or so of uncertainty before they remembered they know me but this time, straight in with the giggles and "Hello"'s and then cuddles and reading books! I had them both on my knees singing "If your happy and you know it"!

They are absolute angels and I really do love them to pieces. I'm trying to teach them to say "Aunty Sarah" before I go to America!

My friends are all convinced that I'm going to be "stolen away" to America. It's an interesting thought. I've never considered moving abroad before but now....

I know that if I did it would be an amazing adventure! I bet I would love it out there and there's a reason that makes me want to leave right this second.

I know that if/when I did go the hardest thing would be leaving my friends and family though....good job modern technology means you can phone the other side of the world in an instant and fly to and from America in 12 hours huh?!