Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ok so first of all: Job update

So I went for an interview to go back to Face to Face fundraising. Not an ideal choice but it was quick to start, I had experience and it paid well. (I'm sure that's a TWSS) Well they offered me an admin role in the office instead. Score! Again still not exactly first choice but its a job, beggars cant be choosers.

Had a manic weekend getting to and from Oli's Wedding thanks to the Iceland Volcano. (Cheers Iceland. So you destoy my ISA savings AND my travel plans. Remind me never to visit you...)

Me and Laura basically did 4 nations, 2 countries in 48 hours. On 2 ferries, 4 cars and 2 trains in total. Could've been worse I suppose as journeys go. And it was so totally worth it. The wedding was stunning, they both looked beautiful, the speeches were the most honest and loving I've ever heard, food amazing and the dancing as always amazingly fun! (Dan and Oli I'm looking at you here!) There will be videos when I get them uploaded! :)

So the new jobs going well. I think I'm kinda over experienced to be honest but its nice not to have too much stress. The sucky thing is the holiday entitlement. This is turn meant that I was going to have trouble getting back to Fort Collins in June and August as planned.

Then Mummy dearest turned round and said "Instead of flying back and forth, why dont you just stay out there?" I thought about it and realised because I have some money left over from before and I got this job straight away - it might actually be possible! I was SOOO excited! Especially as it was a really rough day yesterday in terms of missing him.

And then I wasnt expecting to speak to him until this morning and he called me out of the blue (yay! I love it when lil things like that happen!) so I told him and my goodness you've never heard anyone so excited!

So as the plan stands at the mo I'll work until June then fly to America for 3 months! Woop woop! Now just need to inform work...I think I might leave that until Monday...

Cutest thing ever (and a sign of Oli's Facebook addiction) iPhone cupcakes! SOOO cute!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

There's no place like...?

So...being home. It's...weird to say the least.

First couple of days I was really not doing so good. My family called me Bella. Which may have been a TAD extreme (as far as I'm aware there was no screaming) but they wernt far wrong. I couldnt eat, couldnt sleep until exhaustion literally over took me, wasnt unpacking, generally just moping about in my room.

I will justify it to anyone that tries to say anything but I do recognise that this is not healthy behaviour. Not to mention the fact I may have worried Codaniel a little bit which is NOT something I want to do.

I desperatly needed to get back on the job scene. A) For a reason to get up in the morning and for some sense of normality and B) I plan on being back in Fort Collins very soon and employment is required as a means of funding that lil plan!

So I phoned a Face to Face company that a guy I used to work with works for. Had an interview today and guess what?! They offered me an admin role within the office instead! With the oppurtunity to go out and fundraise from time to time. Its still a step down from what I was doing before which kinda sucks but its a job, it offers oppurtunity for progression and its saleried as opposed to hourly which makes budgeting a heck of a lot easier. So overall - YAY!

And double yay because yesterday was a big important day for Codaniel which resulted in my being all excited and happy and doing funny dances. Hehe

The twins birthday(s) was really cool. I cant believe how big they've got. And whilst they're not quite saying my name - instead just shaking their heads and giggling they know exacty who I am, pointing right at me when asked "Where's Sarah" which made me all excited and happy! I love those kids man!

And been slowly but surely catching up with everyone. Going into the old office was kinda weird. I felt like I should be working and had just gone out for lunch with Kirsty as normal. But I dont think I'd go back there for anything...wait actually. Maybe a US visa...or a way to get Codaniel here. I'd go back there with a smile on my face and spring in my step if I was offered that.

So yeah for those who MAY have missed it...I'm all about moving to the states. (Apologies if you literally did miss that. I've forgotten who I've told and if thats how you found out, I can but apologise) Don't get too worried yet though. Its damn near impossible. America does NOT want to let anyone in I tell ya! Suggestions on a postcard please....

So I'm planning on being back in Fort Collins end May/beginning June, dependent purely on how much time I can take off work.

It can't come soon enough for me....

And finally I've decided I really need my own space. Even if renting a room as opposed to my own place. I cannot stand being at home any longer. So if anyone knows anyone looking for a roommate let me know.

Pic of the day: Clearer image of my gorgeous Birthday present.

Oh and I've totally been influenced by America. I have apparently lost my tea making skills and on top of that I bought a coffee maker. What can I say after a month you get used to something :) (Take back those cries of "Traitor")

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saying Goodbye

So after the amazingness that was Forks and LA I was BACK to Fort Collins to see Codaniel! I was so excited to get back, I was literally giddy. It felt like I was coming home.

Seeing him again was so exciting, we went out to lunch and was all cuddly and giggly. It felt SO good to be back.

Then the night I had to leave (at 3.30am) we stayed up chatting until then. It was wonderful, but then having to was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was almost tempted not to get on the bus. But I had things I had to come home for. The twins birthday, friends, family etc.

And now being "home" feels so weird, even though its familiar and obviously home it feels different somehow. Like I'm viewing it from a weird angle.

I plan on being back in Fort Collins in May. I'm definitly going back in August for his birthday but neither of us can wait 4 months so May too!

Of course for that to happen I REALLY need a job. The great job hunt commences tommorow. Because come hell or high water I WILL be back with him as soon as I can feasibly manage it.

In the mean time you can find me under my duvet....


Firstly: Apologies again. I know bad blogger etc. *Slap on wrist*

So Forks was AMAZING! First we went to Port Angeles and of course went to Bella Italia. Sami had the Mushroom Raviolli which was really good, and I had the coke. Driving in to Forks afterwards it was pitch black and pouring with rain, so eerie cos the mountains would just appear out of the gloom. Spooky.

The next day walking around Forks and seeing all the places such as the High School and Swan House was really cool. Forks is a slightly strange town IMHO but you can see they've really got on board with the Twilight stuff but not so much that its like Disneyland or something. You dont really need more than a day there in my opinion. For me the most amazing thing was First Beach at La Push - even if we did get soaked by the waves! The scenery was absolutly breath taking. The mountains, the waves. Just wow.

Then the following day driving back to Seattle we could really appreciate the scenery. The photos do NOT do it justice. Driving past the lakes they looked so beautiful and clear and calm we both said we'd love to swim in it. Then we looked each other and thought... "F it!" So we pulled over, feeling slightly crazy but thinking this was all about making the most of a trip of a lifetime...and both being glad that we were equally insane! Well we got down to the water, I went in up to my ankles and I swear I thought I was going to lose my feet! It was SO cold that swimming was out of the question. But it was fun to at least contemplate.

This of course then caused us to miss our damn flight. However everything happens for a reason because we then met James Marsters at the airport!
I was on the phone to Codaniel and said "Either James Marsters or his identical twin brother just walked past me" After much umming and ahing Sami was like "Just go!" so I went up to him, crouched down in front of him and said "Umm I really hope you are otherwise I'm going to be really embarresed but...are you James Marsters?" And he smiled and said yes and shook my hand! So then I sat and chatted to him for a good 5 minutes or so. he said he really liked my teeth! I got someone to take a picture of us (and didnt have to pay £35 for the priveliage! Hehe) and chatted away about fame, his music and that I apparently was making him look really cool. I was SO starstruck but excited! Then afterwards I called Codaniel back to tell him it was indeed James Marsters then remembered that I had decided James Marsters was on my list and I hadnt even mentioned it! I must really love Codaniel huh? :)

Then LA was super awesome. It was RAINING when we got up but luckily developed into gorgeous sunshine. Universal Studios was fab, the tour was so cool and the rides amazing.

Then we went to Hollywood. It was so cool seeing the sign and the stars, like being in a movie! I do kinda wish I'd planned longer in LA. In my head I was there for 2 days *duh* forgetting I was leaving early in the morning. Oh well, guess I'll have to make my way back there someday. As well as New York, Chicago, South Carolina etc.

And hopefully Sami can come to London one day. I'm so excited to show my Lexlings around London!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Gooey smiles :)

Apologies for lack of posting...for obvious reasons! With the girls we've had chill out time on the computer but with my Snowflake, well we've been pretty happy with chill out time together!

He's amazing. I've had the most amazing week. We've hung out, visited lots of friends and family, managed to narrowly avoid being attacked by the Schatzi dawg (well not so narrowly - shes a teddy bear! To me anyway), played glow golf, I've listened to him play a lot of guitar (he's so talented!) and generally just relished in each others company :)

I'm not really sure what else to say, so I'll let gooey love struck pictures do the talking! hehe

This last ones from my birthday. You can see my beautiful birthday present from my Snowflake; a necklace with a teardrop Aquamarine pendant. I love it!