Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm proud of my girls!

I just wanted to give a really big shout out to two of the bravest women I know.

First of all - my very good friend Lorna. She recently gave birth to her son, close to 3 months prematurley. I can only imagine how hard that must be on her and her partner and their families.

And although I havnt spoken to her other than briefly on Facebook (damn these time differences...hello - transporters already please?!) both her and the baby are doing very well.

I am SO proud of her and for the strength she has. And I'm proud of that little one too! Just like he's mum and dad he is extremley strong. I can only ask that you might spare a small thought/prayer/good will into the universe that he keeps doing well, gaining weight, and making each and every day a magical one for his parents.

And whilst we're on the subject of women that I'm proud of I dont want to forget Karen. One of my oldest and dearest friends, who went through hell and high water with her twins (also born prematurley). You almost wouldnt know it to see the two of them now. They'll be 3 in April and are two of the most adorable, intelligent and loving kids I have ever met. If your one for prayers and positivity and also feeling generous with them and its not too much to ask - you might spare them one too?

Its hard to believe that a few short years ago (ahem - at least 8) me and the girls were all getting drunk and giggling about boys and now we're all making major life choices. And especially for two of the most wonderful girls I know, who are now two of the very best mums that I know.

Karen and Lorna, I'm proud to call you my friends. You are amazing.

(Apologies girls - especially you Prabz - I know your gonna hate me for this...but tough!)

My SUPERgirls! :D

PS: I dont think any of the girls really read my blog. But I wanted this positivty and love for them to be sent out into the Universe via Cyberspace. I love you girls!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Belated Engagement Announcement

Ok, so as it was now over 2 weeks ago this is most definitely belated! Even more so as everyone that follows my blog is also my friend on Facebook and already knows! hehe

(BTW if your just a random reader or casual visitor - please follow. It gets very lonely feeling like I'm blogging to 8 people!)

But anyway, it didnt feel right to sit and ramble on about randomness without first mentioning my BIGGEST news! 

Me and Codaniel just celebrated our 1yr anniversary on the 10th January. We went to our favourite hotel, the Marriott and we got upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite.

We were going to go out for dinner but I wanted to get dressed up in my new dress (he saw a dress and bought it for me "just because" and because he thought it would look good on me - I couldnt have chosen a better dress myself!) and heels, but I wasnt walking through a foot of snow in -10F in heels and a dress!

So we ordered in from the fancy restaurant we would have gone to and had our candlelit dinner in the suite.

I gave him his anniversary present, an engraved Silver guitar pick necklace and I was hugging him and then he was saying all this sweet  stuff. Telling me that he didn't want to spend his life with anyone else, and I kinda knew what was coming! Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! It was so sweet. So simple and so US. 

I'm really sad because I accidentally deleted all the pictures from our anniversary and engagement from my camera! :( That really sucked.

The ring is 
14K Gold band with a 1/3 Carat Champagne diamond. Champagne diamonds are rarer than white diamonds and come in a variety of colours :)

Mine depends entirely on how the light catches it. Sometimes an amber colour, sometimes pink and occasionally - purple! The photos on my basic camera don't do it justice unfortunately

We havn't set a date yet - we need to work out various legal stuff first. But it will likely be Spring 2012. And it will most likely be in the States - he has a much bigger family than me. But I really hope with enough notice and with things like block booking flights, the majority of my friends will still be able to come. 

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Day 27 - Day 30

So what has 30 days of blogging taught me? That there is very little I can commit to doing on a daily basis! :D

Anyways, here are the final few days. 

Day 27 – My favourite place

They say that "Home is where the heart is" So my favourite place is wherever Codaniel is. 

Its true though, one of my favourite places is snuggled close to him, just the two of us. Maybe in front of the TV or even not doing anything in particular. As long as we're together. 

In terms of "actual" places. I've always had a strong affinity with Scotland. I honestly think I was Scottish in a previous life. Whenever I go there I feel very at home, like I belong there. It's always very familiar - even a bit of Scotland I've never been to. 

So if me and Codaniel are able to move to Scotland I REALLY will be home. 

Day 28 – This I miss
I miss Codaniel when I'm not with him. 

I miss old friendships. When I think about memories from when I was little, a teenager etc, I miss people who were my "best friends"

I miss the days when life was simple, when worries were "What are we doing Friday night?" rather than "How am I gonna pay the credit card bill this month?"

I find it possible to miss something you may not have even had in the first place. Before me and Codaniel had even met for the first time, we would tell each other we missed each other on the phone. 

On the same note I miss not having my own place. Well that I technically have had but I still miss it. 

Day 29 – My ambitions
When I was little my ambition was to act. I wanted to act since before I can remember. I worked hard for that. Until one day when I was about 18,  I decided I wasnt sure if it was what I wanted anymore. 

Then I fell into Fundraising. And now I'd really like to be a successful fundraiser. Specifically I want to be a relationship fundraiser. This is what I was trained in. Building a relationship with people who support the charity, make them feel a part of it, connected and that they truly are making a difference. 

At the same time, I dont think I want to be too high up in management. I like management but I still want to be hands on enough to be a part of it, not tied down to spreadsheets, budgets and plans without ever seeing the impact of it. 

Day 30 – One last moment

A few mornings ago. (I think it was Thursday) I woke up with that very excited tingly feeling. You know? The one you get when your a little kid waking up on Christmas morning. Butterflies in the tummy, slight shivers, smile a mile wide. Excited about going home! 

It was amazing, because I really havnt had that feeling since I was little!