Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Day 12 – In my handbag

In my handbag...there is a whole muss of stuff!

Filofax - although now I seem to be moving more towards my iPhone calender. I love pen and paper but it doesnt beep at me when I'm about to forget whatever I'm doing! :D

My "emergency kit" something I've had since I was about 14. Bare essentials - tissues, womens products, pain killers plasters, hair tie, grips, basic makeup, lipbalm, handcream etc. I dont carry a ton of makeup around with me because I'd rather have tissues and painkillers to hand than a spare lippy!

Notebook and pen - again I have the iPhone but sometimes nothing beats actually writing something down.

My camera. I'm very rarely without my camera. So much so I've been nicknames "Papparazo"! However I very much understand a girls need to vet all photos as soon as they're taken. I just like to have the memories, and not just of the big and important events - every day stuff too.

Purse, keys, phone, headphones, travelcard etc

Ummm I'm not too sure what else. If I'm heading to work generally my packed lunch.

Nothing that interesting in my bag to be honest.

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