Friday, 17 December 2010

Day 15 – My dreams

So here we are, halfway point. Time to stop and reflect on my dreams.

My biggest be happy. Thats all I've ever wanted. To be happy with the family and home that I have created, thats mine.

See, deep down one of my biggest dreams (and I can hear everyone I've ever worked with groaning in unison) to run a happy home.

I love looking after people, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to look after those I love. My husband, my kids - thats what I want.

Now dont get my misinterpretted here. I'm not saying I necessarily want to be Suzie homemaker. I like to keep things neat and organised but I'm not a clean freak. And hello...have you seen my cooking? I burn salad!
And as for the cookies in this picture...they were inedible let me promise you! :D

And I'm too independent and get bored too easily to not have other stuff going on. Volunteering, a small from home business - whatever it is I know I'd need some other stuff going on as well. But basically, I know I wont need more than my family to make me happy in life.

So there it is. My biggest dream. A home with enough space to live in, additional side interests, my loving husband and a few kids.

OK...I'll head on back to 50's Suburbia now....Honey, I'm ho-ome!

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