Monday, 28 June 2010


So this is our new fuffy lil edition!

After the sadness of having to give Mumford back Kaylin suggested we get a kitten too from the same litter she was going to get hers from.

We talked about it and decided to just go and look at them for now. (HA! FYI - you never just go to look. You will inevitably come home with one.)

Codaniel had them all on his lap, the theory being whoever was the most comfortable would be the one we choose. Then he started heavy metal screaming and the kittens scattered! So we sat and played with them all for a while and this one was definitly the most comfortable with us. He was the only one that stayed on my lap anyway! (They all loved Codaniel)

So we brought him home and he settled right in. It was quite sad that Codaniel had to go to work all day (he's a good boy and totally vetoed my suggestion of calling in.).

We have Hayley to thank for the name. She said he definitly looked like a Jasper and indeed he does!

Him and his sister Terra are so adorable when they're playing together. We're really glad we got a brother and sister - they keep each other company if we're all out all day. Of course they love snoozing together too!

Monday, 21 June 2010

No apologies - I'm in the States!

I'm not even going to apologise for lack of Blog Updates! 

I'M IN FORT COLLINS!!! With my wonderful Codaniel! 

So I've been here two weeks, instead of boring you half to death I'll give you a brief bullet point and photo update to what we've been up to. 

  • Journey from hell.

    SEVERE lack of planning on my part. "I cant wait to see him therefore I will chose flights 90minutes apart at America's second biggest airport with a 45 minute wait at immigration and 20 minute transfer between terminals. I will miss that flight and have to get the 7pm one anyway." THEN thanks to the complete muppett I ALMOST didnt make that flight because he hadnt booked me on to it. Anyway I eventually made it after 24 LONG hours and you know what my sweetie did for me? He'd made me FROM SCRATCH Fish n Chips! And they were SOOO good!
  • The World Cup

    England Vs USA - the big game. Fighting for National Pride. A Brit and a German even teamed up against the Yanks. We scored after 4 minutes! WOO HOO! And then what? Complete humiliation. Green sucks. Double insult to injury - he plays for West Ham! *Face Palm* I'll never live it down...

  • Mumford!

    The most adorable little kitten found us. Codaniel was outside smoking a cigarette and he came up to him and was the most affectionate little thing you ever did see! We thought maybe he'd beena abused as his tail was all broken. We totally fell in love with him. He really was SO affecionate. Not content with being on your lap he would snuggle right in to your neck and chest, purring like a steam engine, lick at your ears and neck, play with your hair and generally be downright adorable.
    Sadly a few days later the owner put up "Lost" posters and we had to give him back. We made sure he hadnt been mistreated (his tail had been like that from birth). The owner was so glad to have him back. Apparently his real name is Loki which as Janny and Sid will tell you is indeed an awesome name for a cat. We were glad he went back to a safe and loving home and his owner was so greatful that we'd looked after him but it was still pretty heartbreaking.
  • Calynda's Wedding

    Calynda is Codaniel's sister and it was her Wedding just yesterday. It was absolutly STUNNING! SOOO beautiful. The venue was amazing and apparently there's is the first wedding since they just got their license.
    Codaniel looked SO handsome in his Tux (although he wasnt overly impressed with the amount of layers he had to wear in the heat!)

And just so you know it hasnt been all loved up crazy couple time (much as we would have it that way if we could!) Whilst he has to go out and be breadwinner I've been able to live a life of luxury hanging out with some pretty awesome gals (and a couple of guys - wind ups aside huh Seth?)

Kaylin, Hayley, Izzy - you girls are awesome! :D