Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 06 – My day

Woke up at 7:30am as usually to call my baby. Was unbelievingly tired and therefore completely uncomprehensible. I still have no idea what we talked about!

Went to work, worked right through until 8:30pm tonight to get extra hours and extra £££ for America :D

Lunch was a bit meh although the amazing chocolate milkshake from Marks and Spencer was phenomenal! Had good giggle with Louisa at the end of the day over Charlie, kittens and death metal. Needless to say people do wonder what on earth we're on about when we go off on our random tangents! 

Had one of those rare "Hey - we are still all human!" moments on the tube. A girl glanced over at the newspaper being read by the guy next  to her. She was clearly looking for the same article in her paper, but couldnt find it. She was getting visibly more and more confused and becoming less and less subtle, almost leaning straight over his arm to examine his paper! It was so funny I couldnt help but giggle to myself which she then noticed and was slightly embarrassed but giggled at being caught. In  the end she just asked him straight out (strangers talking to each other on the tube?! Unheard of!) and it turned out he actually had Mondays paper! 

Ok maybe this is a small and inane anecdote but it really made me giggle!

Came home and realised I really need to clean the house for McBex's visit. Not that either of us mind the house not being show-home-esq but at the same time day old dishes and no clean towels is a bit of an extreme for a guest. Sooo I instantly tidied up and then relaxed on the phone to my baby, online and watching TV.

I fib. I started a tiny but of cleaning, got distracted by calling Codaniel and now am faced with doing dishes at midnight.....and WHY am I still online?

*Heads off to clean....groan!*

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