Monday, 29 November 2010

There's no place like...

Over this weekend things all got a bit much at home. Lets just say 5 related women in one house = overally high running emotions. Coupled with the fact that I've been needing and craving my own space since I was knee high to a grasshopper meant enough was finally enough.

I have to say finding a short term lease, checking it out, moving in and still fitting in a 1/2 days work all in one day is fairly impressive...even if I do say it myself! *Blows nails and poofs hair*

Anyways, I quite like my lil bit of the universe that I can truly call my own...I've made it pretty homey. Its a tad cold (although I am used to living in a furnace and the temperature has plummeted this week) but other than that its nice. And with Virgin TV, wireless and all bills included one cant complain :)

So I'm here until Dec 23rd, home for Christmas and to prepare for the States and then I'm back to FoCo for 3 months again! And then when I come back I'll be looking at moving out properly.

So I've been feeling like a bit of a Nomad for the last year. I have a feeling its all leading somewhere good though. Somewhere over the rainbow...somewhere like home.

Hehe! :D

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Girl time

So Saturday was Duvet Day with Marsha and Eni. It was awesome fun, we stuck on some Disney movies, ate lots of junk food, painted our nails. Generally had a 13 year old slumber party in the day! :D

It was really great, and definitly much needed all round from hard work and general lack of girl time.

And it got me thinking. No matter how old we get girls NEED their girls! I think what we dont realise though is that the dynamic changes.

Its no longer about meeting up every single day, shopping all day saturday and spending all of Sunday on the phone. Its much more focussed on the quality time. Setting tmie out of the hectic work schedule, family commitments etc and just enjoy spending time hanging out.

The subject matter for discussions may change, there may be a bottle of wine instead of a bottle of Dr Pepper but the need to gossip and giggle will always remain!

It also changes in terms of who your friends are I think, moving on a little bit, the following observations stem from discussions us three had whilst setting the worlds to rights :)

As teenagers, girls tend to have their close tight knit band of friends, the ones that everything is shared with and....more often than not...where all manner of stress arrises.

"Oh my god?! HOW could she do that?!"

"WHY did she tell you and not me?!"

"I'm not friends with so and so and I'm going to be really upset if you get coffee with her next weekend!"


As adults we begin to realise "Hey...this is MY life! I'm old enough (and ugly enough) to make my own desicions, learn from my mistakes and generally get on with it without it being up for a group debate"

We will ask for advice and support when its needed but it wont necessarily be a round robin free for all discussion. And our friends need to not be upset when we choose not to take their advice.

Its like at the end of Friends when they find out Monica and Chandler are moving and Joey says "Arnt we supposed to vote on things like this!?" ...No, because your an adult and whislt friends can and often are the most important thing in your life..they are not the ONLY thing.

I've also personally found that the "growing up" period affects us all differently. We learn different life lessons at different paces. We change and learn about ourselves at differnet times. We make differnet choices that changes our viewpoints. And this can lead to stresses because we're all going through differnet changes....not like puberty when the problems (dispite feeling like we're the only one they  affect) are all fairly similar.

The problems arise when it becomes difficult to see where the changes have emerged and not always accept that these might be for the better. Or when you can see changes in yourself but not in others.

Eni had a brilliant quote (paraphrased due to my rubbish memory!) "Being an adult is when you can be happy for your friends, even if it might upset you that things are changing"

For me the best example of that is my friends I went to infant and primary school. We drifted as a group after school but the key thing that brought us all back together was when Karen had the twins.

Friendships are ever changing things and that makes them hard. Sometimes everything happens for a reason though.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pudsey ears!


For those of you have forgotten - I'm Sarah, I write this blog...apparently.

Been absent for a while I know. Various reasons. But probably will be back now. Kinda.

Might go for a bit of an update with my photos and top banner, the idea was to update those regullarly - meh me is rubbish.

Anways onto random ramblings of the day.

Today is Children in Need. One of the two big telethons in the UK, raising money that then funds many much needed projects for many good causes around the country.

I'm such a bad fundraiser - I actually forgot it was today until I saw the Pudsey Bear at the station this morning! Pudsey Bear is the mascot. I'm actaully quite upset because he used to look like this

And now they've made him all computer generated. I dont like change! Especailly of beloved childhood characters!

Anyways. So tonight is a very long show, lots of appearences by celebrities etc. Doctor Who is normally a part of it, having a short 10 minute special. Of course it'll be stupid Matt bliming Smith not our beloved David Tennant though so I'm not excited about that.

I am very good at getting into the spirit though!

So if anyone needs me tonight you can find me being exceedingly lazy with a tub of Hagen Dazs and my telly. Ah - Bliss! :D