Tuesday, 24 July 2012


At the end of the day anyone can be fanciable. It can come down to the right outfit, makeup, posture, basic attitude but on the whole fairly surface level things.

Is this hot?
I dunno its what came up
when I Googled
"Attractive girl"
And sometimes fancying someone turns into something more. And that's awesome. But how often does that happen? REALLY? How much more often is it unrequited, or a quick crush, or a simple "he's kinda fit". Basic attraction isn't much more than chemicals and hormones after all.

But friendship - thats a whole other ball game. And nowhere near enough emphasis is placed on this.

True friendship is looking at another person and liking how they think, their sense of humour, their funny way they say things. It's getting into a heated debate but still respecting them afterwards, being driven damn crazy by something odd they do but then giggling like crazy at some in-joke. It's being able to talk until stupid o'clock and still having stuff to share the next day.

I suspect many people may say "But that's love! That's exactly what I see in my wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend!"

And THAT gentle reader is why the truest of loves are born out of friendships in my opinion. However don't be mistaken that every friendship means love. That's how to miss out on some of the best relationships you may ever have.

Don't ever underestimate being valued as a friend. Often there is much more value to be placed in that then there is in "you're so beautiful/sexy/cute".

But likewise don't bat friendship around too easily. It's an award all of its own. And Definitely don't ever offer it as a commiseration prize when love doesn't work out. Because if you were meant to be friends - you would be; either as partners who overcame difficulty, or as  actual friends because the relationship was never meant to happen or be on the cards. But if you can't make it work as partners that once loved each other, it is very unlikely you would then be able to be friends. And anyone who says otherwise is likely kidding themselves....or possibly were never more than friends to start off with? Who knows....

And so in a roundabout way, we come back to the age old question;

"Can a Man and Woman ever be friends?"

You tell me gentle reader.....you tell me....because I would love to hear your opinions.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Blog Sale!

Inspired by seeing quite a few Blog sales lately, and recently having a bit of a clear out I thought it would be great to try and earn a little bit of extra cash through a Blog Sale.

I have made its own page on my blog just up there entitled "Online Garage Sale" - basically because Im going to leave it up until all/most things are sold.

Terms and conditions are stated but if you have any further questions please let me know or send me a quick email to sarahsrandomramblings@hotmail.co.uk - I'm always happy to hear from people!

Thanks for looking - hope you find something that catches your eye!

Blog sale just here :)

A few of the goodies available:

Saturday, 7 July 2012


For someone so smart man I can be so DUMB!

The irony? I knew this. I KNEW it! I really did. So why now? With barely a scraping of continued evidence does it hit home?

Maybe because I am actually ready to admit it to myself without having a breakdown? Because I'm finally feeling properly over it? (We as "over it" as one can realistically be in less than a year) Probably. Because that is no longer the front and foremost thing on my mind? Definitely. Thoughts of that and what was are actually pretty darn far from my mind most of the time, with new people and new interests taking up valuable leasings in my mind instead. 
And I could get angry all over again. Irrationally angry too, at those people, at myself, at my family or friends for not warning me? Yeah like I would've listened :) headstrong as ever - that's me! 

But instead this is when I need to let it go. Really and truly let it go. Not just say I have, not post movie lines or song lyrics, not say I will and then not. Just truly let it go. Take a deep breath, and relinquish all control. 

And learn. Grow and learn - as we must always continue to do in life. And move forward with as much positivity as I had to start off with. No. More. For dodging the bullet ;)

Because I am this crazy gal here in the video below. I know this because my Wise Owl told me so! (She knows...)

I take pride in knowing that I will Always be full of love, always seeing the best in people, always willing to try again and again - no matter what happens. Sure occasionally putting my foot in my mouth (I'm good at that!) but not blaming the past for anything happening in the present. 

And ultimately knowing no matter what that I am no-one's consolation prize, rebound or convenient second best. Ever

Brenda's Wedding - and a home made gift!

Brenda is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We've known each other since we were....7 or 8, we met at Brownie Camp and were inseparable. We used to write each other letters - convinced we lived miles apart. Or parents never had the heart to tell us we lived 10minutes away! (I think they found it amusing) It was only through a mutual friend in SECONDARY school that we realised!

She got married over the May Bank Holiday and it was even more extravagant, beautiful and fun than I could have imagined. They are Sikh and it was a traditional affair although still very Brenda. Personally I jumped at the chance to dress up in Saris and suits and apparently I pulled it off very well.

Brenda looked STUNNING! Seriously, I have never seen her look so beautiful - I almost cried when I walked in and saw her before the ceremony. Likewise I have never seen her so happy, and her new hubby didn't take his eyes off her and was clearly beaming with pride.

She and her husband are now living in Birmingham and it saddens me that she's not just around the corner any more. But then I realise with our crazy schedules we were only managing meet ups every couple months or so and now at least we will make an even bigger effort to make them more regular because of the distance.


The Gift
So I'm pretty broke at the moment, but after my recent Pinterest addiction I became inspired to make a gift! Especially as Brenda also said that the families were basically taking care of all the household stuff so I needed  sweet, original gift. I then remembered seeing on a Wedding Board last year a gift of candles, with a poem that goes with them and after a bit of Googling I hunted it down. (You can find it here this is also a link to an American site where you can buy a set ready made) I printed it out in a nice font on fancy paper at home. 

Next problem...where to find the candles? eBay as every provided the answer and I highly recommend this seller who was very helpful, super speedy in the shipping and sent excellent quality candles that I would not have been able to find locally. 

The candle sticks were a super lucky find in a local shop that are common in East London. I call them "toot" shops and they sell everything from kids toys, to home storage, to party supplies to rain cagouls! I was actually looking for a basket and stumbled across the simple modern chic candlesticks which was great luck!

The basket, cellophane, lace and ribbon were all easily found (way easier than I expected) in Little Ilford when I was getting my suits and Sari altered. I was so chuffed that it matched the Indian "theme" and for the price I couldn't've found anything better. Fun fact: Red is the Bridal colour in most Indian weddings.

I think Brenda's Mum also then used the basket during the ceremony! (Or coincidently bought the same one)

I added in some Gift cards to allow them a date night as a married couple, and to get something for their home. Nothing too extravagant but a little extra. I designed the backing cards and printed them out at home. 

To put it together was a bit of an architectural genius (if I do say so myself) - I would be travelling with it quite a bit and I wanted it to stay together. The candlesticks I tied in a bow to the handle of the basket, and then stacked the candles inside like building a brick wall. This meant that once the cellophane was on - short of tipping it upside down - the furthest it moved was rolling slightly back and forth by a couple of mm's. RESULT!

I'm pretty proud of my gift - especially as I'm not generally a very crafty person :)