Thursday, 28 April 2011

Everything happens for a does!

As previously blogged, the main essence of my belief system in the world and universe is that everything DOES happen for a reason.

Not necessarily that there is a grand plan/path layed out for us and we have no choice, more that even if you cant see it right now things will work out, and bring you to greater things. You just have to trust it. Especially if your path doesnt go the way you expect it to, and then seemingly random opportunities come up.

For instance;

There is a job in Scotland that I REALLY want, I worked bloody hard on the application and am now waiting with breath that is baited for the short listing next week to find out if I even get an interview.

I then started looking at other job advertisments because I also do not believe in putting all your eggs in one basket. I found one that caused me to call an agency that I completly forgot I  had been in contact with a few weeks ago when I got back from the States. I'd completly forgotten that they'd put my CV forward for a role, and as it turned out...I'd been shortlisted and now have an interview!

Its so strange how I feel I did no work but got an interview....strange. And its not in Scotland, but its also not in London either (its just outside of London, so close enough to be "close" but not so far that we'd be in the middle of no where)

So I guess whatever will be will be with that.

In other news I'm going to be taking up driving lessons again. And this time its with the intention to pass ASAP. Life is just so much easier when your driving and have a car! So with that in mind I'm going to learn in an automatic. In the UK if you pass you test in the UK you are then only licensed to drive an automatic, which is why most people will learn in a manual (stick shift for my USA readers) but for me a manual car just seemed like far too much effort. Yeah I may be lazy but I see driving as a means to an end, overal I  would like it to be as relaxing an experience as possible without then stressing about biting points and changing gears every 3 seconds! hehe.

So please do wish me positive thoughts and luck with both the driving and finding the right job. Both are integral parts of Codaniel and I's future lives together and if I get my butt into shape with both of these I'll really begin to feel like we're getting somewhere!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Promoting much loved sites

Hello all, today is a blog not about me at all, but instead promoting two amazing sites that need help for two amazing reasons.

Loving from a distance

This is an amazing website that has helped me tremendously with my Long Distance Relationship. (LDR) From the amazing articles and ideas of things to do with your SO (Significant Other - the sites standard acronym) but most of all to the wonderful friendly forum filled with people at many different stages of their LDR and more than ready to offer advice, suggestions or just an understanding shoulder when things get really tough.

They were doing really well (and rightly so!) with the number of visitors finding them until....Google changed their algorithms (bastards!) and now they're ranking really low down, sometimes not until the 10th or even 60th page in some countries!

So by my linking to them here, I will hopefully help them a little bit but I need your help for that. I need all my wonderful visitors to follow the link and spend a few minutes browsing around the different pages. You dont need to join the forum or anything, just have a browse.

I particularly recommend these pages - they might give you some ideas for you and your SO even if your not in a LDR!

Writing Love Letters What could be more romantic than that?

98 things to do from a distance Many of which can be used or amended for Close Distance

LDR Gift Ideas Again they work great at any distance and are very sweet!

So please visit Loving from a Distance using any of these links (in particular the one below) and help the website stay afloat! It would be heartbreaking to the owners of the sight (Michelle and Frank who feel like our best friends with all their wonderful advice!) not to mention the 1000's of people in LDR who use this site.

The ex-Pat Bride

This is a wonderful blog written by fellow LFADer. She shares my name, is also getting married really soon, and whos relationship is also USA/UK based (except shes in the States)

Like most Brides shes on a super tight budget but has been offered the chance to get some freebies in return for advertising on her blog. However she needs more followers.

So please visit her blog and become a follower, she says you dont even then need to read her updates (although I would if I were you!) its just the overall number shes trying to increase.

And while I'm on the promotions....I may as well give myself a very small and quick shout out.

If your someone that regullarly reads my blog, but is not one of my faithful few 13 followers - please do! I think it'd increase the overall attractiveness of my blog. Not that I'm being vain or anything...

And finally:

You are a superstar! 

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Most amusing wedding clips ever!


Ok, so I want to share a BRILLIANT Youtube Video with you, but before I do I want to show you the video that I am 98% certain inspired it (although I'm sure the creators would never admit it)

I saw this while I was in America, linked from a blog or forum (I dont remember which) It seriously is watching all the way through. But come back to me because theres much better to come!

So, for those of you who may not know there is to be a Wedding. No I'm not talking about mine this time! I'm referring to the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011 of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Its a very big affair in the UK, we've even been given the day off work! (Except its only really benficial if your salaried staff meaning you stil get paid. As a temp, I'm just glad of the lay in!)

T-Mobile is a big mobile phone provider and have recently had some amazing adverts, including flash mobs, people being sang to at arrivals in Heathrow and now...THIS!

The most amazing thing is just HOW alike the actors are to the real Royal Family. Its quite unique - I can only imagine that auditon process!

But what really prompted me to post was this article I then read. I love America, but God bless 'em - some people really need to get out  of they're bubbles just a wee bit! :D

Anyway, heres to my slightly alternative Patriotic post.

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton
....even if it is a tad early!