Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 05 – What is love?

Hmmm. What a question! I dont think I'm qualified to answer...for myself let alone anyone else!

Maybe thats the joy of love - the fact that you cant explain it.

I've actually posted about this before but no-one responded so I didnt blog my views. Darn it now I guess I have to! :D

For me this is something I've found recently. Truly knowing love is when your first thought instantly goes to them before yourself. Any mother will tell you that I'm sure. Before any thoughts of yourself or decisions are made, you consider what is best for your child.

I think in a similar respect its kind of the same when your in love. I know if me and Codaniel are having an argument or disagreement, for the most part - even if I'm upset - I want him to be ok. I dont want to say anything deliberately hurtful, and without compromising myself, I just want to make sure his problems are solved.

I think love really is the million and one reasons you cant describe though. Who knows why we're drawn to each other. Maybe its nature, maybe its fate, maybe its luck, maybe its something we have no idea about. Whatever it is I know this much...

Love is dangerous, love is unfair, love is wondererous, love is painful, love is joyful, love is indescribable.

But ultimately love completes us. We need it to survive. Humans are sociable creatures, we need the love of our families, our friends, ourselves and in the end we all crave the love of a companion.

And I truly believe there is at least one person out there for everyone. And we will find them when the time is right. Whether that's 6, 16, 60 or 106! It doesn't matter. Because whether you love for a second or a lifetime. The important thing is that you do...without expecting anything in return.

That my final thought - Love is selfless.

(Looking for a picture, I found this quote/poem)

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