Friday, 10 December 2010

Day 07 – My best friend

Best friend huh? I wrote a whole blog post about friendship a little while ago actually.

Well until about 3 or 4 months ago I would've had a standard stock answer for this. Same as it had been for 9 years. Sadly things have changed lately and that is no longer my standard response. Maybe that's a good thing - who knows?

Since I was at school I havn't ever really done the "Best Friend" thing. Each relationship with each of my friends is unique and different. Each of them ebb and flow. Some I see a lot, some very rarely. But each of my true friends - and every single one of them knows who they are - are in my life for a reason. I think declaring just one person as your "Best Friend" results in a lot of anger and upset and heartache. Although likewise if you try and class all friendships (or all friendships within a certain group or circle) as the same

I would go through hell and high water for the people I love. My friends very much so. If you mess with me that's one thing - mess with my friends and bitch I WILL take you down! :D

Its funny that this blog subject is on the day that one of my very close friends is visiting. In a post on a forum about things I am thankful for recently, I said of Becca (whilst talking about my friends) "Especially my friend in Scotland who is my support system, my rock and my gig going bestie!"

I met Becca in the same place as I did Codaniel. Along with Megs I feel truly blessed to have found three special people in one place. In addition I have a number of other people met there who I am so happy to have come into my life and who I am proud to call my friends. My Lexlings are an amazing bunch!

My "Old School Girlies" are the girls I've known since we were about 5. Thats nearly 18 years there a piece and definitely not something to be sniffed at. We've been through a lot together. Including very definitly not being friends in certain periods. But I know that wherever life takes us -  America, Australia, Scotland - it doesnt matter, we'll always find tiime to go out for a meal, catch up and reminisce over old photos about the days of sleepovers at Karen's and making potions in my bedroom!

Brenda is another one of my oldest friend. We met at Brownies, we were very little. We were penpals for years, not realising we lived right around the corner from each other! We dont see each other very often but when we do we pick right up where we left off and I love that about our friendship.

I have a number of other people I am honoured and proud to have in my life. If I list everybody here it'll be a pretty long list. Which is something I realise I am very lucky to have.

Thank you to all of my friends, past and present - and to those I am maybe yet to meet.

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  1. Thanks for being an amazing lexling Sarah! =) <3 yah!


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