Saturday, 16 February 2013

Little life-y update

The lovely Bryan Gallagher mentioned I have not done a blog post for a while and he was hankering for an update. As such this post is dedicated to him less I incur the wrath of an ice-hockey player!

So...I feel like I have both been insanely busy but also not done "much" to report on lately. So here is a brief run down of things that have been happening in my world since the beginning of the year.

Babies babies babies! 
Everyone seems to have had a baby or be growing one as I speak! I am so proud and happy for every wonderful new parent I know right now (especially you McMuppetts as this post is dedicated to you guys!) The more I watch my friends blossom into these amazing care givers the more I amazed I am. You know that episode of How I met your Mother? "I can't believe that girls a Mum?!" - kinda like that. I think of all the random times and adventures we have and now they are responsible for this little human life. And that is phenomenal! The more I see it the more I know I'm not even close to there yet. But it means I have tons of love and affection (and gift buying) to spoil all the new little ones with. Aunty Sarah is well and truly here! 

I planned a surprise trip to Edinburgh for much Whisky tasting for Mat's big 3-0. I figured "If you're nervous about turning 30, just drink your way through it!" Seriously though, it was a lovely trip and I think he really enjoyed it. Found some new favourite whiskies too which is always a good thing. 

By the way, if you are ever in Edinburgh, I cannot recommend The Whisky Trail shop on the Royal Mile highly enough. Although a little pricier than some of the other shops we went into, there is a man in there called Jaime who is a complete expert! We got talking to him for a good half hour, and would've stayed longer if we didn't have to catch our plane home. I even managed to wangle Mat a 'wee dram' of a whisky as old (gets given filthy look) *ahem* young as he is. A bottle that had we bought the full bottle would have set us back about a months rent! 

Mum's graduation
My Mummy graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University with a 2.1 in Childhood Studies. I went along to her graduation with her and I was immensely proud of her. Although she didn't really take it seriously and ran around doing Batman impressions in her gown. Proof is any was ever needed that we only grow up if we stop having fun with life! 

Job stuffs
My manager left last month (cry and sob) and it has not been the easiest few weeks. However there are some potentially exciting things on the horizon and I will update on those as and when there are things to say. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed for me please!

And that's about it really. Elsewhere there has been the usual hanging with friends, watching the 'Friends' white boxset (extras and outtakes oh my!) and slowly making my way through Game of Thrones. Slowly as in I dont have much time to read. When I actually sit down for a few hours with it I absolutely plough through. Which is what I think I will be doing for a few blissfully relaxing hours this afternoon. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day doing whatever you were doing, and wishing you all a happy weekend!