Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Chill out Girly time

So me and Megs have had a lovely couple of chilled out lazy girly days. We went shopping to the Mall yesterday, which was an extremly succesful trip. Megs is all about getting her sexy legs out in the girly skirts! (Oh Megsy your so Legsy)

Then we came home and would've liked to have done a "Movie montage" a la The Sweetest Thing but instead settled for a silly fun photoshoot.

We had dinner at her parents and FYI her mum is an AMAZING cook. Can we say homecooked meatballs, sausage and then cannoli and cannoli cakes for dessert? YUM!

Then today we were going to go to the zoo but decided instead to live in our PJ's (including going to Starbucks in them - I love America and the drive thru everything culture!), watch TV and movies and order pizza for dinner. My idea of heaven personally!

We watched The Notebook. I'd never seen it before. Oh. my. frickin goodness. Don't worry, no spoilers (although everyone else in the world has probably seen it) but I dont think I have ever cried so much at a film. I mean absolute floods of tears, bawling at the TV.

That truly is true love. If you can see yourself doing that for the person you love you know your meant to be with them. *Sigh, swoon*

So tommorow I am leaving McMegs *sob* I can't believe I'm leaving leaving, it feels like I'm just going off for a little while and coming back soon. I will most definitly be back! Or I'll steal her, Misty and Ally to London!

Guess what? In 2 days I will be in FORT COLLINS! Seeing a certain someone! I am so damn excited I cannot even begin to tell you. And you know what? *Looks around conspiratially* I think he is too! Hehe Man I'm totally giddy with excitement!

And off to Jen's tommorow. Yay!

Slightly delayed "Hunt for the Take 5's" documentary. There are of course no photos from today in our PJ, no make up "gorgeous-ness"! :)

Monday, 22 March 2010


Oh my god where do I even begin?! So because Megs lives like an hour outside of Chicago we booked into a hotel for our day in the city so we didnt have to worry about getting home.

We took the train (double decker trains! OMG! SOOO cool!) and then walked VERY quickly through the snow (Btw how is it possible to have 60/70 degree hit followed by a blizzard? I dont get it!) to our hotel. We get their and the lady at the desk tells Megs we have a "free upgrade" so we're like "cool" Floor 26, we get in the lift - there are only 26 floors! We get out and there are only two rooms. We walk in and O. M. G we have the frickin Penthouse! The place is HUGE! 2 bed, 2 bath, if I could rent a place that size in London I'd be in heaven. We were screaming and jumping up and down and going absolutly flipping crazy we were so excited!

Then we went out to the Field Museum where McMegs cheekily got us all student discounts. "She's a student in London but they dont do ID's there" LOL! We saw Sue, the famous T-Rex, made friends with the Mummies and the statues, hunted deer in a style that would put Edward to shame an had more fun in the gift shop without actually buying anything!
We were going to go to the Skydeck at the top of the Sears tower but because of the awful weather we decided against it. So back to the hotel to beautify before heading to the Cheesecake Factory. There was a super long wait and the girls were saying I should try and use my "British Charm" to get us seated faster. No such luck. So we hung about near the bar debating drinks and then a waiter was clearing off a table next to us and asked if it was ours. We said "no" but then me with my cheekiness said "But we'll take it if you want" and he said "Sure." and seated us! 5 minutes wait after being told hour/hour and a half. EXCELLENT!!!
So then we had so much gigglyness that we even put the hen (bachelorette) party next to us to shame. And of course every time we went to take a picture the waiter walks past! Goodness knows what he thought of us with our giggly, whipped cream, strawberry shennanigans! Hehe
So then back to the Penthouse to continue the party. Much silly dancing (which I have been banned from posting) and more giggly girly chats.
Then the next day we went and flicked the bean together (hehehe) and took lots of photos before heading home utterly exhausted but SO happy. We were really sad to say Bye to Misty :( I wish she could've stayed longer. But the boys and hubby would've missed her too much we thinks.

So then last night me and Megs went to this gorgeous lil cinema where they serve food to your lil table whilst watching the film. (Dr Frank n Furter - hotdog in a crossaint. Hello delicious!) We watched "She's outta your league" which is a SUPER cute film, I loved it.
And this morning literally not two seconds ago was blueberry pancakes and hazlenut coffee breakfast time. We did "not" set off the fire alarm. *cough cough*. I am also most amused at Megs giggly girly "Squees" and our continual updates with Misty. But thats not my story to tell ;)


Saturday, 20 March 2010

Just got into the Windy City

Man what can I say about today?! It's been a non-stop giggling gossip fest!

Shamrock Shakes are possibly the most amazing things in the world (theres a lot of those actually...oh well!) especially when you lose your cherry...(Dont ask) Not to mention the "Thats what she said" fiascos. We're getting creative Becca.

Fun shopping trips, trying on all the wacky accessories and realising how "old" we are having had all the 80's stuff the first time around. (Or in my case at least knowing someone who did)

THE most amazing pizza, Chicago Deep Dish au natural, at Gionarno's. Just about managed to finish the better part of two slices. It was GOOD.

And we have our own Candy Mountain going. I'm sure we'll make short work of that. Hehe.

Tommorow, we're going downtown for more super girly-ness in Chi-Town. Fun fun fun!

Friday, 19 March 2010

St Paddys day and baking goodness!

St Patrick's day was AWESOME fun! The Americans really do go all out, and I wasnt even somewhere like Chicago where it's REALLY huge.

Interesting fact: In South Carolina they also celebrate Scottish traditions with a bagpipe band and people in kilts. Made me giggle - people in the UK would be having a fit! I think its great though. I love Scottish traditions so its all fine by me :)

Funnell cake = the most amazing food in the world! Also had an "Irish hotdog". Still not quite sure what made it Irish though. At least they wernt green.

Then today we indulged in some Fanfic baking goodness. Chocolate hazlenut (AKA Nutella) mini cupcakes and the infamous (although Bella never makes them) "Double Rasberry walnut my boyfriend is so fucking skilled he got me off with one hand through my jeans cherry chocolate chip delights" - minus the rasberry. And they were pretty frickin delicious if me and Ally do say so ourselves!

There is documented footage that will at some indeterminate point be edited together.

I've had SO much fun in South Carolina. Ally and her family have been amazing hosts, I felt so welcome and at home. I hope Ally gets to come to London some time soon. Oxford St and the markets are calling to her.

And the best thing is I've got to see true America - how it is, normal everyday stuff. I'm still marvelling at the wonders of Target and Walmart. hehe. And for all you Brits who grew up on movies about America Suberbia - I actually saw two kids in a red wagon! Yup.

So tommorow its up early (WHY did I do this to myself??? I'm NOT a morning person) and jetting off to Chicago to see McMegs and McMisty! Woop woop!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Song of the South

Advice: Never take a train across America if  you can avoid it! Delayed by 90 minutes, rude guards, nowhere to put luggage, cramped seats, delayed a further hour because of a "car on the track", more rude guards. Ugh. Seriously just dont do it.

But the journey was TOTALLY worth it because I am having SUCH a wicked time in South Carolina with Ally (who along with her family are amazing hosts!). And the weather has been gorgeous, especially compared to the torrential downpour of New York.

Hot Topic is now my new favourite shop. Especially as the have "Charlie! Come to Candy Mountain Charlie" merch. I bought a notebook and a lil stuffed purple unicorn to place upon my very own Candy Mountain which is rapidly growing at home.

Ally became even more determined than me to find those Take 5's but find them we did! Although I did get told off for wanting to video us finding them...(that video will be uploaded when I've edited together the lil snippetts)

We also went to the Comic Book Store today, living out our Big Bang obsession (Bazinga!) and the guy gave me a free Beanie Baby for coming all the way from London! How sweet was he? Its so retro - I love it :)

Also I have been introduced into the world of sushi. Overal I think its pretty good. I dont think I can eat too much of it at one time though.

And tommorow is Saint Patricks Day and we will be out celebrating! Woop woop!

BTW - I have a bone to pick with you dear readers (if indeed you are there) So all these clamouring for Blog updates and keeping you posted and complaining when I dont and not one person comments? Not that I'm being a comment whore or anything but it'd be nice to know if you guys are actually reading this randomness. Cos at the moment I'm trying to keep up to date with my own personal lil written journal (the purple one that was one of my many leaving gifts from work) and this one. Which I'm happy to do but if this one is redundent....*awaits stampede of comments....notices tumbleweed go by......*

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Its a bit wet out...

First off I must tell you I'm TOTALLY procrastinating. Right now a months worth of stuff is strewn across my hotel room, not being packed because I want it to be a super organised efficent system, I havnt worked out that system so instead logic tells me I should leave it piled up everywhere and blog instead....yeah - THAT makes sense!

So today was Statue of Liberty day and I REALLY should've done it yesterday. I got so drenched I feel like I would've been drier if I'd flipping swum there! Twas very cool though. I think my fav bit is the funky lil sandal - clad foot kick shes got going on. Lady Liberty knows how to rock her fashion! Hehe

Then this afternoon I was going to go to Katz's Deli, as made famous by "that" scene in When Harry Met Sally which is one of my all time favourite films but unfortunatly the Subway and then the fact that it is impossible to get a cab in the rain were both against me so I gave up. Then I was meant to be meeting my friend but she didnt turn up :( and I had no way to contact her so after an hour I decided it was time to get back to the hotel to *cough cough* pack. Nadia if you turned up and was waiting for me - really sorry hun!

So my overall opinion of New York? I love it. Seeing the places from the TV and Movies I grew up on is amazing. There's tons going on and on the whole I've found New Yorkers to be really friendly. Do I prefer it to London; yes for a trip, no for a place to live. I'm a London gal through and through and as long as I'm living in a big city - Londons the one for me., At least you can get a cab in the rain....

So tommorow its an early early 7am train all the way to North Carolina to see Ally!!! SOO excited for the first Lexling meet up of the trip!

I suppose I really should tackle those suitcases now. *Groan*

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Man my thighs hurt!

So some things I've learnt about New York:

  •  If your going to walk more than say 20 blocks - you NEED to warm up first!
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is LONG
  • New Yorkers must have very strong arms - why does every door weigh a ton?
  • It is really difficult to hail a cab because there never are any! (Especially in the rain)
I was going to see the Statue of Liberty today but it was SOO cold. Apparently its going to be worse tommorow though. Oh well!

Brooklyn Bridge was really cool. You can see through parts of the slats to the river below...creepy but cool. Also went to Rockefeller centre, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library (which was beautiful. I just wanted to stay amongst the books all day) and briefly wandered past Madison Square Gardens.

And tonight I went to the Empire State Building. They said visibility is low but it was still pretty awesome to me! And the bonus - no lines! I can only imagine what a nightmare it must be when its busy. I'm actually pleased, I would rather not quitte be able to see 4 states and not have to hang around then wait in line for 3 hours! It was SOOO cold! Literally almost got blown away. You can see on the video how windy it was and how much I was shaking.

I'm so tired now. Not sure if its from all the walking (what I wouldnt give for a massage on my legs right now...Codaniel you have been warned!) or if my body clock is still confused but I'm absolutly knackered. Meh. Early night me thinks...

Friday, 12 March 2010

New York New York!

New York is AMAZING! Not so different that is a culture shock (I love being a City Girl, and especcially a London one at that) but absolutly cool. It really is like walking through a film and TV set!

Yesterday I expolored 5th Avenue (well meandered down part of it - I dont do brands) to FAO Schwarz and played on the Big Piano from Big! I'm happy now :)

Then I wandered through Central Park. I was looking for the Sea Lion show which apparently is free but couldnt find it.

Then I ended up on Broadway (yes I gave them your regards hehe), bought lots of scrummy choccies, "supported up and coming music artists" (read as was hustled for 3 CDs but thats the kinda thing I do in London too - I have a soft spot for stuggling musicians, plus I always think if they become the next big thing I can say "I met them when they were on a New York street corner" hehe)

In the evening I went to TGI Fridays and had the WORST buffalo wings and fries of my life plus had to walk 2 stories for the priveliage and pay $26 (plus tip) avoid TGIF, Times Sq at all costs. And ended the evening watching West Side Story. I wanted to see Wicked but its SOO expensive and I can just see it in London. West Side Story was amazing, I absolutly loved it. Dancing was amazing, acting superb and the sets were simple but added rather than detracted. Loved it.

Right apologies for the mega short post but it is now nearly 10am, I've not even got up yet and I plan on doing Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty AND the Empire State Building today...I may not have thought this through. Wish me luck!

Bonnie Becca in Scotland

Before I update you on the American Adventure I owe a post about my visit to McBecs in Scotland.

I had SUCH a wicked time, and it was exactly what I needed. Lots of chilling out, gossipping, watching old movies (that I'd never seen before - Becca was educating me), good food and mostly just enjoying each others company. AND Becca the wonderful booked me in for a massage. She is so sweet! Thank you so much Becca!

And of course lets not forget the joy that was Mumford and Sons! I've never been to a gig like it. The energy was crazy, there was even a lil mini mosh pit (well pogo pit) going on at one point. Twas a bit of a combination of a hoot a nanny and mosh pit, thus being a "moot a nanny" or a "hosh pit" - All in a sea of plaid! hehe

When these guys make it big Becca will be pleased to say she was into them before the hype and I will be pleased to say she got me into them!

We've decided we will definitly be making our shennanigans and barminess a regularity...with or without the nu-folk gigs (although combining them will be most awesome)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

2 of the best bands EVER

So last....Tuesday? (I think, I've lost all track of days and times!) was the 30 Seconds to Mars gig at Wembly. They were AWESOME! And even more awesome? They did this bit where he disappeared from the stage and appeared - one block of seats over from us! And we were right up in the seats! He could've been anywhere and he (Jared Leto btw for those not in the know) ended up not 10foot from me! THAT was mega exciting!

And he was playing guitar and singing acoustic versions of two of my favourites. I managed to get some video on my iPhone so I will cobble the best bits together and upload them.

Jess and Jamie had standing tickets. I did expect them to be a tad more jealous but then as they ended up practically at the front they had a really cool night anyway.

Then last weekend (frick that was a week ago...) me and Jess went to Germany to see the awesomness that is Blue October!!! They were playing at "Backstage" in Munich. The hotel we stayed in was really cute although the receptionist looked and sounded like the German guy in the IT Crowd that wants to "cook with" Moss! Made us chuckle...

So Sunday daytime we went out wandering so that we knew where the gig was in the evening. We discovered we were in a very non-touristy bit so we took lots of random pictures with lots of random "German" things.. Which we decided was probably the equivalent of someone wandering around Forest Gate taking pictures in front of Chicken Licken or something! But we had fun. So we found it, worked out what time we needed to be back and went back to the hotel.

Now we had paid extra for "Golden tickets" which included meet and greet, poster, autographs and listeing to their soundcheck before hand which we thought was AWESOME! The Gig started at like 9 and from what we could tell from the tickets we had to be there at like 7 for the meet and greet. As it turns out *sob* this was not true and we actually should've been there at 5:30! We did NOT know this and were absolutly gutted that we'd missed it.

So we got inside and went and found two security guards and sobbed to them, telling them we'd come all the way from London, how much we loved them etc etc. They said to come and see them after the show and they'd see what they could do. So we ended up right at the front which was REALLY cool! The gig was AWESOME!

*Warning: Fan Girl moment* I randomly decided to blow a kiss at Justin and he "caught" it! Hehe that was super cool and resulted in much fan girl "squeeing". So after the gig we went and found our security guard friends and they did a lot of talking in German. It turned out we didnt get to meet them personally (like we were hoping (as they were coming out to do autographs anyway) but we did mange to end up right at the front and we chatted with them for ages, telling them we'd come from London, missed the Golden ticket thing and how much we wanted them to come back. Turns out they might not be coming back unless they get more airplay in London. So as Sarah is unemployed guess what shes making her fulltime occupation now? "Project get Blue October playing on every radio station in London"! They seemed really chuffed about that to be honest.

So yeah it was sad we didnt get to see them but its not like we're not total fangirls and arnt going to go to many many more of  their gigs is it? And we had a WICKED weekend away together. I love my sister and I dont get to spend much time with her so it was really nice to spend lots of quality time with her.

(Photos to follow when I have a faster internet connection, not sitting in a departure longue)

Catching up...

This is a quick post to apologise for being MIA. To be fair I have been travelling a fair bit and updates of those to follow. Second apology for flooding your feeder! hehe

Stresses are all sorted. Feel like a bit of a cry baby now to be honest "Wah my life is so difficult" Just shut up moaning Sarah!

Picking up stuff went fine. Bit weird but fine. I also wondered how the frick I had a) Accumulated so much stuff and B) Not missed it in the last 16 months! Oh well.

Doctors appointment went fine - Janna your an angel and I love you! I walked out of there after and exactly as Codaniel said I would I thought "What the hell was I making such a fuss about?"

Leaving work was...sad and weird. It wasnt a big deal as lots of people wernt in. But to be honest I'd rather leave quietly...with a suitcase full of 2 years worth of tat. (Again HOW did I accumulate so much stuff???)

Still got quite a few things to do for the trip but its ok...because I have a list! And when you have a list you can conquer the world!

Speaking of conquering the world the positive thoughts of the Lexily can also do the same, I just want to put out all the positive energy and *huggles* for those and their families that need the right now. I'm thinking of you.

Ok on to tales of Rock Gods, strange German people, seas of plaid and fine days for kestralling! Hehe