Friday, 17 December 2010

(Wed 15th) Day 13 – This week

Well this week has been a bit of a funny one.

I moved back home after having my own place for a little while. It was only short term in the first place, until Christmas (because then I'm going back to the States in Jan) but I sat down and thought about it. Returned to my practical aspect and weighed up my sanity for the next 2 weeks over having the extra money to spend with my Snowflake.

Codaniel won As he pretty much always will = )

On a happier note this week I spent time with Becca. We had a lovely relaxing weekend. She'd been working really hard in the States and deserved a weekend of lounging. We also went to see the b.e.a.u-ti-ful Johnny Flynn with the fantabulous Vicky which was AWESOME fun! Even if we did get lost following the little blue dot...

Soooo yeah thats about the gist of my week.

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