Thursday, 22 July 2010

Long distance woes

Sooooo being here for 3 months gives me a lot to think about. Mainly about how exactly I'm going to cope when I leave again.

It was hard last time, I'd spent 8 days with him. This time we've been living together, building a life together for 3 months. And it's been amazing. We've really found our rythm as a couple (No TWSS's please!), seen what it would be like if we had our own space together, we have a baby (kitten! :-P) together, I could see myself living and working here. 

How can I say Goodbye to that?

We were thinking that if I find a decent job (or two 1/2 decent jobs!) when I get back then I could proabably come back for 3 months again Jan-March. Then we would be together for our anniversary, valentines day and my birthday. But how are we going to cope in the 4 months in between? Over Christmas and New Year too. I can't even begin to think about how hard it will be - its too heartbreaking.

I also spoke to a visa advice person, y'know just to find out about options.

J1 Intership Visa - Possibility but not permanent and has umpteen rules and regulations about it
Work Visa - Nigh on impossible. Don't even bother
Fiance/Marriage Visa - Takes at least 8-12 months to process

8-12 months?! Not that we were thinking about that in a huge frame of mind just yet but seriously- A YEAR?!

*Sigh* this is horrible. I hate it. I try to stay positive and look at the options available to us, to know everything WILL be ok...but its so hard when we think about the time we will have to spend apart.

I just wish the answer would come to me. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to pass them on!


  1. cant he come over for christmass and new year?

  2. UK Laws are "softer". Why not he goes to London with a student visa. He'll be able to work and study and live there for about a year or so.

  3. He can't leave the country until at least April/may next year :(

  4. Ohh no...! the wait until then... gosh!

    Need any ideas for internships or where to look so you can stay longer in the US?

    After May he can come back with you to the UK and experience a little of your world too.

  5. ohh this is hard sweetie. but I hope both of you can come up with a good plan though. *HUGS*


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