Monday, 20 December 2010

(Sun 19th) Day 17 – My favorite memory

Hmm thats really tough. Generally speaking my memory sucks. This is why I take so many pictures!

It totally depends on who I'm with, I have lots of special memories with everyone I care about.

Generally speaking its the little things that I love the most. A random joke and giggling until you cant breath, impromptu cuddle with my sister watching a girly movie, staring contentedly into Codaniel's eyes, talking about nothing in particular.

I love how the random memories come back when your least expecting it. Having a chat with a friend and you suddenly go "Remember the time when..." and it results in more hysterical laughter!

So heres to creating many more memories! :D


  1. i have the same thing: i started making pictures even though i hated beong on them, because my memory sucks and i tend to forget everything, even the good stuff.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It does really suck having a bad memory!


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