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I have a fairly active presence on the interwebs (I love that phrase so much!) and I love being in contact with people so if you like my odd little thought processes and the things I chat about please do stay in touch.

I tweet random things - often to random people. Feel free to join in the randomness!

Pinterest is my latest addiction. Come and join me on there - I'm extremely active and post a whole variety of things. Disney, Doctor Who, Home decor, cakes, clever ideas, and things that generally amuse me!

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I don't think many people will, but if you want to email me and have a chat, pass comments - anything of this like please feel free to on my shiny new email address just for my blog!

I don't have a Facebook Fan page for my blog as there's not really much to it at the moment, but who knows in the future...

Feel free to let me know about your blog - I love finding new bloggers!

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