Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Chill out Girly time

So me and Megs have had a lovely couple of chilled out lazy girly days. We went shopping to the Mall yesterday, which was an extremly succesful trip. Megs is all about getting her sexy legs out in the girly skirts! (Oh Megsy your so Legsy)

Then we came home and would've liked to have done a "Movie montage" a la The Sweetest Thing but instead settled for a silly fun photoshoot.

We had dinner at her parents and FYI her mum is an AMAZING cook. Can we say homecooked meatballs, sausage and then cannoli and cannoli cakes for dessert? YUM!

Then today we were going to go to the zoo but decided instead to live in our PJ's (including going to Starbucks in them - I love America and the drive thru everything culture!), watch TV and movies and order pizza for dinner. My idea of heaven personally!

We watched The Notebook. I'd never seen it before. Oh. my. frickin goodness. Don't worry, no spoilers (although everyone else in the world has probably seen it) but I dont think I have ever cried so much at a film. I mean absolute floods of tears, bawling at the TV.

That truly is true love. If you can see yourself doing that for the person you love you know your meant to be with them. *Sigh, swoon*

So tommorow I am leaving McMegs *sob* I can't believe I'm leaving leaving, it feels like I'm just going off for a little while and coming back soon. I will most definitly be back! Or I'll steal her, Misty and Ally to London!

Guess what? In 2 days I will be in FORT COLLINS! Seeing a certain someone! I am so damn excited I cannot even begin to tell you. And you know what? *Looks around conspiratially* I think he is too! Hehe Man I'm totally giddy with excitement!

And off to Jen's tommorow. Yay!

Slightly delayed "Hunt for the Take 5's" documentary. There are of course no photos from today in our PJ, no make up "gorgeous-ness"! :)

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