Sunday, 14 March 2010

Its a bit wet out...

First off I must tell you I'm TOTALLY procrastinating. Right now a months worth of stuff is strewn across my hotel room, not being packed because I want it to be a super organised efficent system, I havnt worked out that system so instead logic tells me I should leave it piled up everywhere and blog instead....yeah - THAT makes sense!

So today was Statue of Liberty day and I REALLY should've done it yesterday. I got so drenched I feel like I would've been drier if I'd flipping swum there! Twas very cool though. I think my fav bit is the funky lil sandal - clad foot kick shes got going on. Lady Liberty knows how to rock her fashion! Hehe

Then this afternoon I was going to go to Katz's Deli, as made famous by "that" scene in When Harry Met Sally which is one of my all time favourite films but unfortunatly the Subway and then the fact that it is impossible to get a cab in the rain were both against me so I gave up. Then I was meant to be meeting my friend but she didnt turn up :( and I had no way to contact her so after an hour I decided it was time to get back to the hotel to *cough cough* pack. Nadia if you turned up and was waiting for me - really sorry hun!

So my overall opinion of New York? I love it. Seeing the places from the TV and Movies I grew up on is amazing. There's tons going on and on the whole I've found New Yorkers to be really friendly. Do I prefer it to London; yes for a trip, no for a place to live. I'm a London gal through and through and as long as I'm living in a big city - Londons the one for me., At least you can get a cab in the rain....

So tommorow its an early early 7am train all the way to North Carolina to see Ally!!! SOO excited for the first Lexling meet up of the trip!

I suppose I really should tackle those suitcases now. *Groan*

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