Saturday, 20 March 2010

Just got into the Windy City

Man what can I say about today?! It's been a non-stop giggling gossip fest!

Shamrock Shakes are possibly the most amazing things in the world (theres a lot of those actually...oh well!) especially when you lose your cherry...(Dont ask) Not to mention the "Thats what she said" fiascos. We're getting creative Becca.

Fun shopping trips, trying on all the wacky accessories and realising how "old" we are having had all the 80's stuff the first time around. (Or in my case at least knowing someone who did)

THE most amazing pizza, Chicago Deep Dish au natural, at Gionarno's. Just about managed to finish the better part of two slices. It was GOOD.

And we have our own Candy Mountain going. I'm sure we'll make short work of that. Hehe.

Tommorow, we're going downtown for more super girly-ness in Chi-Town. Fun fun fun!

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  1. Oh, COME ON!
    Do you seriously have to look gorgeous as you suck a straw?
    You'd all lead cookie-Eddie down a naughty streak.
    I am SO! jealous it hurts!


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