Saturday, 6 March 2010

2 of the best bands EVER

So last....Tuesday? (I think, I've lost all track of days and times!) was the 30 Seconds to Mars gig at Wembly. They were AWESOME! And even more awesome? They did this bit where he disappeared from the stage and appeared - one block of seats over from us! And we were right up in the seats! He could've been anywhere and he (Jared Leto btw for those not in the know) ended up not 10foot from me! THAT was mega exciting!

And he was playing guitar and singing acoustic versions of two of my favourites. I managed to get some video on my iPhone so I will cobble the best bits together and upload them.

Jess and Jamie had standing tickets. I did expect them to be a tad more jealous but then as they ended up practically at the front they had a really cool night anyway.

Then last weekend (frick that was a week ago...) me and Jess went to Germany to see the awesomness that is Blue October!!! They were playing at "Backstage" in Munich. The hotel we stayed in was really cute although the receptionist looked and sounded like the German guy in the IT Crowd that wants to "cook with" Moss! Made us chuckle...

So Sunday daytime we went out wandering so that we knew where the gig was in the evening. We discovered we were in a very non-touristy bit so we took lots of random pictures with lots of random "German" things.. Which we decided was probably the equivalent of someone wandering around Forest Gate taking pictures in front of Chicken Licken or something! But we had fun. So we found it, worked out what time we needed to be back and went back to the hotel.

Now we had paid extra for "Golden tickets" which included meet and greet, poster, autographs and listeing to their soundcheck before hand which we thought was AWESOME! The Gig started at like 9 and from what we could tell from the tickets we had to be there at like 7 for the meet and greet. As it turns out *sob* this was not true and we actually should've been there at 5:30! We did NOT know this and were absolutly gutted that we'd missed it.

So we got inside and went and found two security guards and sobbed to them, telling them we'd come all the way from London, how much we loved them etc etc. They said to come and see them after the show and they'd see what they could do. So we ended up right at the front which was REALLY cool! The gig was AWESOME!

*Warning: Fan Girl moment* I randomly decided to blow a kiss at Justin and he "caught" it! Hehe that was super cool and resulted in much fan girl "squeeing". So after the gig we went and found our security guard friends and they did a lot of talking in German. It turned out we didnt get to meet them personally (like we were hoping (as they were coming out to do autographs anyway) but we did mange to end up right at the front and we chatted with them for ages, telling them we'd come from London, missed the Golden ticket thing and how much we wanted them to come back. Turns out they might not be coming back unless they get more airplay in London. So as Sarah is unemployed guess what shes making her fulltime occupation now? "Project get Blue October playing on every radio station in London"! They seemed really chuffed about that to be honest.

So yeah it was sad we didnt get to see them but its not like we're not total fangirls and arnt going to go to many many more of  their gigs is it? And we had a WICKED weekend away together. I love my sister and I dont get to spend much time with her so it was really nice to spend lots of quality time with her.

(Photos to follow when I have a faster internet connection, not sitting in a departure longue)

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