Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Song of the South

Advice: Never take a train across America if  you can avoid it! Delayed by 90 minutes, rude guards, nowhere to put luggage, cramped seats, delayed a further hour because of a "car on the track", more rude guards. Ugh. Seriously just dont do it.

But the journey was TOTALLY worth it because I am having SUCH a wicked time in South Carolina with Ally (who along with her family are amazing hosts!). And the weather has been gorgeous, especially compared to the torrential downpour of New York.

Hot Topic is now my new favourite shop. Especially as the have "Charlie! Come to Candy Mountain Charlie" merch. I bought a notebook and a lil stuffed purple unicorn to place upon my very own Candy Mountain which is rapidly growing at home.

Ally became even more determined than me to find those Take 5's but find them we did! Although I did get told off for wanting to video us finding them...(that video will be uploaded when I've edited together the lil snippetts)

We also went to the Comic Book Store today, living out our Big Bang obsession (Bazinga!) and the guy gave me a free Beanie Baby for coming all the way from London! How sweet was he? Its so retro - I love it :)

Also I have been introduced into the world of sushi. Overal I think its pretty good. I dont think I can eat too much of it at one time though.

And tommorow is Saint Patricks Day and we will be out celebrating! Woop woop!

BTW - I have a bone to pick with you dear readers (if indeed you are there) So all these clamouring for Blog updates and keeping you posted and complaining when I dont and not one person comments? Not that I'm being a comment whore or anything but it'd be nice to know if you guys are actually reading this randomness. Cos at the moment I'm trying to keep up to date with my own personal lil written journal (the purple one that was one of my many leaving gifts from work) and this one. Which I'm happy to do but if this one is redundent....*awaits stampede of comments....notices tumbleweed go by......*


  1. Oi Mrs! Imma readin! ;)
    Meaning, I'm very much enjoying going on your travels with you and am reading all your posts in my blog feed, I just don't have that much to say about it aka I'm leaving my comments on your pics on FB but reading the story of what's happened here!

    ps The word verification word below is "vally" they took ally's name and added a v, how original! LMAO

  2. Greetings oh demanding little madam. I see that jet lag does not put an end to your drama queen tantrums!

    I am giggling away to myself as I type because you can't poke me for being so cheeky!

    Fret not we are all here, checking every day to make sure you are still alive!

    I was just thinking I should tell you some stuff about my normal life to ground you in your transient status.


    Tube was fair to normal today, not too much argy bargy.

    Seems to be a heathly eating craze at work amoungst new peeps.

    John Curtain visited yesterday. Sadly I wasn't around. He didn't have chance to visit F&M so no chutney.

    Joe and I have been doing a lot of painting/ making dens this past week. I ask you when did you last make a den?

    Love ya Lady Lisha

  3. Oh, I'm reading all sweetie! Just like Becs, sometimes I don't have much to say. Keep us UPDATED!

  4. I'm always reading your blog sweetie pie. I'm a total blog-reader (cos I'm a blogger myself) and can do that for the whole day. SUCKER i know! lol. I'm enjoying your posts here all the time and glad you're enjoying your vacation. Keep us updated all the time =)
    <3 yah! *hugs*

  5. Hehe - sorry people! Apologies.

    I dont require comments - just wanted to check people were def reading it. hehe

    Becca: Multi social networking rules!

    Lisa: Temper tantrums? Me? Never! What is with these healthy people? Dont worry you've got some goodies that'll soon put a stop to that! I LOVE makig dens. Hmm cant remember the last time I did though.

    Paula & Honey: I'm updating now sweeties! :)

    Love you all x x x x

  6. gawd I wish I had a Hot Topic nearby *cries silently*. Oh well, all the kewl stores are outside my country anyway.

    so why arent you posting pics with ally on here?

  7. I'm reading! Well, just started. It's delightful that you're having so much fun. Keep it up :)


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