Friday, 2 April 2010

Gooey smiles :)

Apologies for lack of posting...for obvious reasons! With the girls we've had chill out time on the computer but with my Snowflake, well we've been pretty happy with chill out time together!

He's amazing. I've had the most amazing week. We've hung out, visited lots of friends and family, managed to narrowly avoid being attacked by the Schatzi dawg (well not so narrowly - shes a teddy bear! To me anyway), played glow golf, I've listened to him play a lot of guitar (he's so talented!) and generally just relished in each others company :)

I'm not really sure what else to say, so I'll let gooey love struck pictures do the talking! hehe

This last ones from my birthday. You can see my beautiful birthday present from my Snowflake; a necklace with a teardrop Aquamarine pendant. I love it!

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  1. awww so sweet, and that sa very beautifull present :)


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