Saturday, 6 March 2010

Catching up...

This is a quick post to apologise for being MIA. To be fair I have been travelling a fair bit and updates of those to follow. Second apology for flooding your feeder! hehe

Stresses are all sorted. Feel like a bit of a cry baby now to be honest "Wah my life is so difficult" Just shut up moaning Sarah!

Picking up stuff went fine. Bit weird but fine. I also wondered how the frick I had a) Accumulated so much stuff and B) Not missed it in the last 16 months! Oh well.

Doctors appointment went fine - Janna your an angel and I love you! I walked out of there after and exactly as Codaniel said I would I thought "What the hell was I making such a fuss about?"

Leaving work was...sad and weird. It wasnt a big deal as lots of people wernt in. But to be honest I'd rather leave quietly...with a suitcase full of 2 years worth of tat. (Again HOW did I accumulate so much stuff???)

Still got quite a few things to do for the trip but its ok...because I have a list! And when you have a list you can conquer the world!

Speaking of conquering the world the positive thoughts of the Lexily can also do the same, I just want to put out all the positive energy and *huggles* for those and their families that need the right now. I'm thinking of you.

Ok on to tales of Rock Gods, strange German people, seas of plaid and fine days for kestralling! Hehe

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