Friday, 19 March 2010

St Paddys day and baking goodness!

St Patrick's day was AWESOME fun! The Americans really do go all out, and I wasnt even somewhere like Chicago where it's REALLY huge.

Interesting fact: In South Carolina they also celebrate Scottish traditions with a bagpipe band and people in kilts. Made me giggle - people in the UK would be having a fit! I think its great though. I love Scottish traditions so its all fine by me :)

Funnell cake = the most amazing food in the world! Also had an "Irish hotdog". Still not quite sure what made it Irish though. At least they wernt green.

Then today we indulged in some Fanfic baking goodness. Chocolate hazlenut (AKA Nutella) mini cupcakes and the infamous (although Bella never makes them) "Double Rasberry walnut my boyfriend is so fucking skilled he got me off with one hand through my jeans cherry chocolate chip delights" - minus the rasberry. And they were pretty frickin delicious if me and Ally do say so ourselves!

There is documented footage that will at some indeterminate point be edited together.

I've had SO much fun in South Carolina. Ally and her family have been amazing hosts, I felt so welcome and at home. I hope Ally gets to come to London some time soon. Oxford St and the markets are calling to her.

And the best thing is I've got to see true America - how it is, normal everyday stuff. I'm still marvelling at the wonders of Target and Walmart. hehe. And for all you Brits who grew up on movies about America Suberbia - I actually saw two kids in a red wagon! Yup.

So tommorow its up early (WHY did I do this to myself??? I'm NOT a morning person) and jetting off to Chicago to see McMegs and McMisty! Woop woop!

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  1. you do know im really jealous right? metting all those lexlings and having such a wonderfull time...dang girl!
    all those lexlings live way to far away from me..


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