Saturday, 13 March 2010

Man my thighs hurt!

So some things I've learnt about New York:

  •  If your going to walk more than say 20 blocks - you NEED to warm up first!
  • The Brooklyn Bridge is LONG
  • New Yorkers must have very strong arms - why does every door weigh a ton?
  • It is really difficult to hail a cab because there never are any! (Especially in the rain)
I was going to see the Statue of Liberty today but it was SOO cold. Apparently its going to be worse tommorow though. Oh well!

Brooklyn Bridge was really cool. You can see through parts of the slats to the river below...creepy but cool. Also went to Rockefeller centre, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library (which was beautiful. I just wanted to stay amongst the books all day) and briefly wandered past Madison Square Gardens.

And tonight I went to the Empire State Building. They said visibility is low but it was still pretty awesome to me! And the bonus - no lines! I can only imagine what a nightmare it must be when its busy. I'm actually pleased, I would rather not quitte be able to see 4 states and not have to hang around then wait in line for 3 hours! It was SOOO cold! Literally almost got blown away. You can see on the video how windy it was and how much I was shaking.

I'm so tired now. Not sure if its from all the walking (what I wouldnt give for a massage on my legs right now...Codaniel you have been warned!) or if my body clock is still confused but I'm absolutly knackered. Meh. Early night me thinks...

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