Friday, 12 March 2010

New York New York!

New York is AMAZING! Not so different that is a culture shock (I love being a City Girl, and especcially a London one at that) but absolutly cool. It really is like walking through a film and TV set!

Yesterday I expolored 5th Avenue (well meandered down part of it - I dont do brands) to FAO Schwarz and played on the Big Piano from Big! I'm happy now :)

Then I wandered through Central Park. I was looking for the Sea Lion show which apparently is free but couldnt find it.

Then I ended up on Broadway (yes I gave them your regards hehe), bought lots of scrummy choccies, "supported up and coming music artists" (read as was hustled for 3 CDs but thats the kinda thing I do in London too - I have a soft spot for stuggling musicians, plus I always think if they become the next big thing I can say "I met them when they were on a New York street corner" hehe)

In the evening I went to TGI Fridays and had the WORST buffalo wings and fries of my life plus had to walk 2 stories for the priveliage and pay $26 (plus tip) avoid TGIF, Times Sq at all costs. And ended the evening watching West Side Story. I wanted to see Wicked but its SOO expensive and I can just see it in London. West Side Story was amazing, I absolutly loved it. Dancing was amazing, acting superb and the sets were simple but added rather than detracted. Loved it.

Right apologies for the mega short post but it is now nearly 10am, I've not even got up yet and I plan on doing Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty AND the Empire State Building today...I may not have thought this through. Wish me luck!

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