Monday, 22 March 2010


Oh my god where do I even begin?! So because Megs lives like an hour outside of Chicago we booked into a hotel for our day in the city so we didnt have to worry about getting home.

We took the train (double decker trains! OMG! SOOO cool!) and then walked VERY quickly through the snow (Btw how is it possible to have 60/70 degree hit followed by a blizzard? I dont get it!) to our hotel. We get their and the lady at the desk tells Megs we have a "free upgrade" so we're like "cool" Floor 26, we get in the lift - there are only 26 floors! We get out and there are only two rooms. We walk in and O. M. G we have the frickin Penthouse! The place is HUGE! 2 bed, 2 bath, if I could rent a place that size in London I'd be in heaven. We were screaming and jumping up and down and going absolutly flipping crazy we were so excited!

Then we went out to the Field Museum where McMegs cheekily got us all student discounts. "She's a student in London but they dont do ID's there" LOL! We saw Sue, the famous T-Rex, made friends with the Mummies and the statues, hunted deer in a style that would put Edward to shame an had more fun in the gift shop without actually buying anything!
We were going to go to the Skydeck at the top of the Sears tower but because of the awful weather we decided against it. So back to the hotel to beautify before heading to the Cheesecake Factory. There was a super long wait and the girls were saying I should try and use my "British Charm" to get us seated faster. No such luck. So we hung about near the bar debating drinks and then a waiter was clearing off a table next to us and asked if it was ours. We said "no" but then me with my cheekiness said "But we'll take it if you want" and he said "Sure." and seated us! 5 minutes wait after being told hour/hour and a half. EXCELLENT!!!
So then we had so much gigglyness that we even put the hen (bachelorette) party next to us to shame. And of course every time we went to take a picture the waiter walks past! Goodness knows what he thought of us with our giggly, whipped cream, strawberry shennanigans! Hehe
So then back to the Penthouse to continue the party. Much silly dancing (which I have been banned from posting) and more giggly girly chats.
Then the next day we went and flicked the bean together (hehehe) and took lots of photos before heading home utterly exhausted but SO happy. We were really sad to say Bye to Misty :( I wish she could've stayed longer. But the boys and hubby would've missed her too much we thinks.

So then last night me and Megs went to this gorgeous lil cinema where they serve food to your lil table whilst watching the film. (Dr Frank n Furter - hotdog in a crossaint. Hello delicious!) We watched "She's outta your league" which is a SUPER cute film, I loved it.
And this morning literally not two seconds ago was blueberry pancakes and hazlenut coffee breakfast time. We did "not" set off the fire alarm. *cough cough*. I am also most amused at Megs giggly girly "Squees" and our continual updates with Misty. But thats not my story to tell ;)



  1. *****Turning all American alert************

    Please be aware of the constant use of the word 'frickin' and 'super'. Please be aware that this is against UK language regulations. Continued use with result in a bop on the head with a red telephone box.

    Remain British. Your country needs you.

    *****The end**********************

    NB Please read in a BBC news presenters accent.

  2. Love the blog. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in the "windy city" :)

  3. Dear Lisa,

    I understand and appreciate your concern. I must remind you that "frick" was a word I used frequently whilst still in the UK.

    However I agree, the usage is getting out of control. I must not forget the Britishness! I shall change "Frick" to "Sugar" or "Bother" and "Super" to...suggestions on a postcard please.

    Yours sincerly,

    Sarah the "sassy" Brit


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