Friday, 12 March 2010

Bonnie Becca in Scotland

Before I update you on the American Adventure I owe a post about my visit to McBecs in Scotland.

I had SUCH a wicked time, and it was exactly what I needed. Lots of chilling out, gossipping, watching old movies (that I'd never seen before - Becca was educating me), good food and mostly just enjoying each others company. AND Becca the wonderful booked me in for a massage. She is so sweet! Thank you so much Becca!

And of course lets not forget the joy that was Mumford and Sons! I've never been to a gig like it. The energy was crazy, there was even a lil mini mosh pit (well pogo pit) going on at one point. Twas a bit of a combination of a hoot a nanny and mosh pit, thus being a "moot a nanny" or a "hosh pit" - All in a sea of plaid! hehe

When these guys make it big Becca will be pleased to say she was into them before the hype and I will be pleased to say she got me into them!

We've decided we will definitly be making our shennanigans and barminess a regularity...with or without the nu-folk gigs (although combining them will be most awesome)

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