Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Ok, deep calming breath. Remember to breath. Try not to panic. *Panics* AAAAHHHHH!!!

Ok so last day at work is tommorow. Still got a billion and one things to do lest of all tons of filing and clearing two years worth of tat from my desk. - Stress

Then tonight I'm going to pick up stuff from the ex's house. Eep! Not seeing the ex - seeing the ex's family for the first time. Not knowing what on earth what to expect - Stress.

Booked a doctors appointment for Friday, dont like Doctors, dont cope well with them and may have to be there for up to 2 hours! 2 hours! - Stress (God bless Janna for offering to come with me though. I love you!)

Still have untold amounts of bits and pieces to do for the trip including booking a train, completing Visa waiver thing, checking luggage allowance etc - Stress

Couple of little projects that I need to get done including booking Ireland for Oli's wedding and a few other things - Stress.

Not quite knowing how to cope with all of the above stress - STRESS! Coupled with severe lack of sleep, being freezing cold and muscles aching from sleeping funny does not equal a happy Sarah.

What's worse? This is all going on in my brain. When I see Karen and the boys to go to the ex's tonight it'll be smiling and games. All day tommorow will be crazy yet sad randomness. I love having a blog so I can just go "WAAAHHHH!" and try and get it off my chest. Doesnt seem to be working though.



  1. How did last night go? As far as stress is concerned, you know the score. Find some free time to chill out if you possibly can, get the important stuff out of the way so you're not worried, and focus on the coolness of your trip to America and the fact we're all jealous :) . You can do it!


  2. 2 hour dr apt!! Jeez what where the doing to you?!?! Giving you the NASA exmaination or something. Anyway, it will all work out. And soon you will be traveling and having fun and I am so envious. Wish i could back pack through the usa with ya!!! <3 you lots and hugs!!! MWUAH

  3. <3 you both! Feeling million times better now - feel like a bit of a cry baby to be honest! "wah my life is so difficult" no Sarah...just no.

    Anyways I shall now be updating with tales of much happier occurances :)


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