Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's good to talk

Right, so what random ramblings are going round in my head today?

It's good to talk. Seriously it is. I think sometimes we can get far to lost in our own heads. The smallest of things can be blown up into all manner of over the top proportions and over exaggeration by our synapses.

Like last night I was getting myself into such a tizz about the daftest thing. In fact it wasnt even a thing - there was no problem. But such is the inner workings of my mind all I could think was "blah blah blah!" Anyway walking to the station with Kirsty, had a bit of a rambling rant and immediatly felt better. The more I was saying stuff out loud the more ridiculous I realised I was sounding. This combined with Kirsty being possibly one of the worlds best listeners and always knowing what to say really helped! I left the office with my brain being all fried and got to the tube smiling and forgetting about my "non-problem"

Anyways point is - dont allow yourself to get lost in your head. Human beings are designed to be communicative. We need to let all that shit pour out of our heads and ideally into the arms of a friend who can ball it up and throw it away. And then we feel better. Promise.

Which is why I am always here to listen. I know that more often than not you wont need a response or a solution or even a reason to why your feeling like that - you just need to unload. Feel free to come to me to unload whenever you want. Promise!

Hehe my sister did just that today and I could tell how much better she felt after getting everything off her chest. I love my little sister! (I wonder if she reads this? hehe)

I had something else I was going to witter on about....oh yeah!

I've worked out why I procrastinate so much at work. Its because it requires me to think. I know that sounds daft but to sit at a desk and have to write a letter or a plan or web copy or something else that requires a spark of creativity is really frickin hard if your not in that frame of mind. Now I know there are a lot of talented people out there (many of whom I know read this blog!) who have this amazing capability to write. I always need to work hard to make my brain focussed unless I'm feeling particullarly inspired. And I normally feel most like writing when I feel like I'm speaking to someone. Hence epic length posts and blog entries.

I'm not a slack worker. When I did jobs where I had to "do" something (serve food, take tickets etc etc) I worked my damn ass off. And when I have a task I need to "do" at work I like clearing out the stock cupboard or such I relish it. I like being physical and having something to do with my hands. Maybe its because I have so much energy at the moment. I bet when I come back from America and end up working in retail or something I'll be wishing I was back behind a desk with the chance to be creative.

As a good friend says to me:

The glass is always greener on the other slide!

And on that note I'm off to attempt to stop procrastinating.

Much love people!

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