Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow....and tales of adventure!

Snow! More snow! And of course London and indeed most of Britain has shut down because we cannot cope with any form of weather.

All good for me though! I did attempt to get to work, jammed onto an overcrowded train only to discover the tube wasnt running. So I turned around and came home again to work from home. (Read as watch Top Gear, check Facebook, Blog and play in the snow when Alaya gets here in about an hour!)

View from my window last night. The sky wasnt actually that beautiful red colour. Thats just the iPhone camera. Makes a stunning photo though doesnt it? :)

What else is happening? Oh yes me and my sister are going to see Blue October at the end of Feb!  In Germany!!! We are SOOO excited! My sister especially as it will be the first time shes ever been on a plane. I was so scarted the first time I went on one but now I LOVE it. Shes braver than me so she'll love every second! :) I'm going to get a hoodie made! I made a t-shirt when we went to see them at the 02 Islington (and got it signed!) Omg I forgot to say the most exciting news - we paid extra for VIP tickets which means we get to meet the band! And listen to their soundcheck and stuff. W.O.W Im so excited! Seriously MEGA excited!

And then I get home on the first and I'll be pretty much back on a plane the next day to see my lovely Scottish Lexling Becca! I get to sleep on the sofa I saw in the store on my first visit! Expect more Candy Mountain and alcohol infused shennanigans and barminess. I fear there will also be tears as we prepare to pay tribute to our beloved tenth doctor. *Sob*

So on to the exciting news of adventures. Oh yes my friends as if Munich and Glasgow (and Ireland and possibly somewhere else on account of Oli's wedding) wernt all enough. I have been well and truly bitten by the travel bug! It's so weird I totally never got the whole "wanting to see the world" thing. But then something hit me the other week. I dont know call it my "youth" catching up with me. Since I was in school all I've wanted is my own home and a family etc. Nice cosy little life. (Oliver always said I was 18 going on 40!) And I do still want that. But when I get it am I going to have regrets? "Why didnt I DO more first?" Its like when I was in a realationship. I regretted not having done more with my single life and I thought it was gone forever. As fate would have it things dont always role that way. And I was glad. Glad I could go out and do stuff that means when I next get into a realationship, in the words of Mr Robster it will be with "No Regrets"

So anyway random rambling aside (I did warn you there would be odd lil tangents) I have decided to take a trip to America. By myself. For at least a month. Theres so much out there I want to see and do. I want to meet people! I also would love to have the oppurtunity to meet up with some of my Lexlings in the US. (hopefully you guys read the Lex group on Facebook - if not that was me officially asking you!)

I want to be reckless. To just take out a loan, quit my job and go! I was planning on March but thats meant to be when Oli's stag do is. Also dont know if I'm quite brave enough to be on my own for my birthday...

And yep of course I'll miss people but I will make it an experience I never forget. To say that I did it.

Also I've told quite a few people about it now which hopefully means I will be stubborn enough not to change my mind!

America here I come!

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