Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I want to hear about all the random, happy little things that make you smile. The more random the better.

I started playing this game with Alaya the other day. It started because I randomly emailed her "I hate..." and then we started compiling lists of things that were pissing us off/upsetting us. Then I decided that was much to negative a game for a Monday morning and changed it to things that were making me smile.

So here we go things currently making me smile:

  • A simple message (or not so simple) that brightens my entire day
  • Having girlie chats with my sister
  • Eating Fish and Chips and not feeling guilty about it
  • Emailing my randomness to Alaya throughout the day
  • Texting my randomness to Nat
  • The GORGEOUS purple and pink sunset we had this evening
  • That I'm leaving work in 15minutes
  • That when I get home from work I'm going to be on the phone
  • The trip is close to having all the details finalised and then I can book it!
  • Wondering what other people are going to comment that makes them smile
So go go go! Comment away and make others smile too!

PS: Even The Guardian today is giving us reasons to smile!


  1. OK, I'll play. :D
    Things that make me smile:
    * getting hugs and kisses of all sizes and forms
    * getting emails, sms, MSn and all shorts of messages from friends.
    * finding out that something I did managed to make someone else smile.
    * giving something to someone who likes the said something.
    * seeing the kids smile and play nice
    * the fact that Sarah is going to live my dream of travelling in the US. Somebody really should. :)

  2. Those are all wicked reasons to smile and they made me smile so that should make you smile!

    hehe very disjointed sentance there!


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