Monday, 11 January 2010

Pain. Ow!

Had an excellent weekend! One of those spontaneous "just hanging out" ones that turn into a 24hr guitar hero, eating junk food and generally chiling out fun sessions!

However what was not so cool was straining muscles *cough, cough* "overdoing" exercises Matt was showing us to tone stomach muscles. Not exactly a work out, I did a grand total of about 3 elevated push-ups. Evidently this is proof that my body is not made for exercise and it must never be attempted again!

Everytime I've moved today its been agony. Of course this meant a day in bed resting and reading Eclipse then Breaking Dawn. Shame that...

Nearly drowned myself in the bath trying to wash my hair though. - Very stupid Sarah!

Here's a selection of the highly amusing photoshoot me and my friends encountered upon whilst "lazing on a Sunday Afternoon"

Giraffe                                              Angry

Pouting (apparently I                     "You disgust me"
have no idea what a pout is!)                                                   

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