Friday, 8 January 2010

Boredom, Being Human annnnd more bliming snow!

So back at work today. Thought I better attempt to make the effort to be in the office. Especially as my friend Lady Lishu Bug (as she will now be known) was back in today and us and Kirsty got to swap very belated xmas prezzies. Thanks for the choccies Lis - they were scrummy! 

The work Secret Santa prezzies are still sitting in a box on my desk. We'll get round to it eventually...

Work is boring and crap and boring again. I have nothing to do. Which is annoying because there is technically stuff to do - we have £1.4million to raise this year. But because the Chief Exec in his infinite wisdom has decided not to let us in on the fundraising plans no-one knows what the frick they're meant to be doing. Joy.

I bet some people think "Omg, ranting on about work - what if someone reads it?" Well the short answer is (and this is for the benefit of anyone who shouldn't do stumbling across this blog) I dont care! :-D This is a personal blog and I can say what I like. I'm not saying the name of where I work so its not like I can be sued for slander or similar (although is it slander if its true? Lol). Anyway for anyone reading this who shouldnt be "Got a problem with anything I say? Come and talk to me about it - you know where my desk is!"

Any suggestions for things to do at "work" once you've basically looked at Facebook's entire Flair collection, posted on the Lex, updated your blog and checked your email?
Maybe this is how I should catch up with Wide Awake? Can I cope with the lemons whilst at work though...probably not!

Talking of which I'm waiting on a quote from our printers to see what it would cost to print after the lovely Pharmer supplied us lucky lucky Lexlings with the PDF he's been working on!

Exciting if its not too expensive.

Fun in the snow!

  • Snow ball mid flight
  • Me and Alaya
  • Our snow caterpillar - his name is Fred
  • 5 scary looking snowmen and women on Wanstead Flats
Being Human Premier
This was the premier of Season 2 at the Curzon Cinema. My friend Lia won tickets and took me! (THANK YOU Lia!)

It was so much fun. Sadly didnt meet the cast afterwards athough they did hang around. Another time hopefully...


  1. I need to get Wide Awake in paper form too, so let me know what price quote you got. It's sentimental to me seeing as how it was the first fanfic I ever read.

    I read a lot of T rated fanfic at work. That way there isn't any lemons (bah!) and some are actually pretty good.

    And I stalk David Tennant. That's how I spend a typical workday. Stalking David Tennant.

  2. Do you think we can fit him with a tracking device to make it easier? :0)

  3. Don't forget to count me in on the WA party!!!

  4. OMG----the being human vamp guy is so freaking hawt! I want to lick him!


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