Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Morning

Wow went a whole weekend without posting! Thats very unlike me!

On Friday evening me and Kirsty were trying to help this homeless man on our way to the station. He's been there a while and looked really young so everyone in the office was really worried about him. (It turned out he was 18 and sadly there was nothing we could do other than let him know where he could go. We bought him a cup of tea and a sandwich though. Such a small thing to do and I wish I could do more)

Anyway my point of this particular random rant is this: In London homeless people dont get a second glance. They are "part of the scenery" almost to the point of invisibility. It breaks my heart but thats how it is. Until someone stops to help or talk to said homeless person. THEN the whole scene becomes a gawping site. Kirsty was chatting to him and we didnt want to overwhelm him so I stood off to the side and out of the flow of pedestrain traffic and I SWEAR I was ready to hit someone or scream at them or something. One or two people literally didnt see us or were pretending very hard not too, a few people looked sympathetic, a few more curious but on the whole the expression I saw more than anything was...disgust? Like the thoughts going through their heads were "why on earth is that young girl helping someone whos homeless" It made my blood BOIL! Maybe I was over reacting but I was really ready to scream at the next person who shot them dirty looks. Is this what humanity has sunk too?

Anyway...thats my slightly depressing rant. Sorry.

Yesterday I went round to Karens to see her and the twins. They've got SOO big! And they really do remember me now. Before it would always take them 10minutes or so of uncertainty before they remembered they know me but this time, straight in with the giggles and "Hello"'s and then cuddles and reading books! I had them both on my knees singing "If your happy and you know it"!

They are absolute angels and I really do love them to pieces. I'm trying to teach them to say "Aunty Sarah" before I go to America!

My friends are all convinced that I'm going to be "stolen away" to America. It's an interesting thought. I've never considered moving abroad before but now....

I know that if I did it would be an amazing adventure! I bet I would love it out there and there's a reason that makes me want to leave right this second.

I know that if/when I did go the hardest thing would be leaving my friends and family though....good job modern technology means you can phone the other side of the world in an instant and fly to and from America in 12 hours huh?!


  1. I loved your rant. I'd be just like that if we had homeless people. I just can't help but stare in horror when I see homeless people in TV, travel shows and what not, and nobody sees them, or doesn't want to see them or worse: looks at them like they're lower beings. I just want to go slap those ignorant idiots. I realize that they probably are scared of crimes that some homeless must do to survive, but honestly what's stopping them from showing some humanity when they're in a growded place and if there was such an incident that they got attacked, there would be other people around to help.
    Eh, maybe I'm just looking at this with rose-glasses since I've lived up here in a small town. We don't even have homeless people here, just some of the larger cities in Southern Finland. But stll, I'm shocked of people that don't care. That's sombody's child, father or sibling out there. "You want them to die of the cold and hunger?" is what i'd likely to yell if I had been in your place.

    Again,. I'm thrilled about your travelling. Wouldn't it be just great if you fell in love there? :D Or went to a casting call as a joke because they're looking for a pretty lady with an english accent, and you became a star? :D LOL Now I'm fantasising for you. xD

  2. It is really hard having to deal with it. The sad thing is that there is often nothing that can be done by the average person.

    I do what I can and at the very least I can treat them with empathy and common courtesy.

    London makes me mad sometimes!

    Hehe, that would be great! *Smiles mischeviously*

    hehe or becoming a star! Your so sweet! But you never know - stranger things have happened! :D


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