Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little grumblings to get me through the day...

So I could start off by talking about the fact that Britain has again been snowed in. After nearly a week straight of not leaving the house I simply had to get to work though to avoid the Cabin Fever!

Got my results from my Events Management Course. Me and my group are VERY unhappy! We all got Merits (Grade goes Pass, Merit, Distinction). Normally I'm not one to complain but we KNOW we did better than that. So we're all asking for our grades to be re-looked at. We did not basically give up sleep (literally on a couple of occasions including the crazy all nighter at my office), social lives and any discussion that did not involve events for 3 months for MERITS!

Ok rant over...promise. Fingers crossed and happy thoughts wished that our grades get sorted out please?

So.....on to more exciting news! Look at my map of my plans for American Adventure! These are just beginning thoughts and happy to add in more people to visit (if you want me!) I think as much as I'd like to, Forks will have to be avoided. It's miles away from anyone and anything :)

View Sarah's American Adventure in a larger map

Hehe quote of the day (not that I do them every fact this may be the first. Oh well!) comes from Kirsty. Talking about how we sometimes come out with really common sounding phrases (ie yesterday I yelled at Mitchell to "git daaawan" [translation - Get Down]) Then Kirsty turned to me and said "Yeah, but you are a bit common aint ya?" AND THEN added... "And your mum is a bit too - shes more common than you"

I feel I need to defend Kirsty at this point. She is neither insulting me or my mum. She's just Kirsty and I love her!
Resulted in hysterical giggles from me and Lady Lishu Bug.
For the record I dont normally sound like an
extra from this abomination of a sitcom...

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