Sunday, 17 January 2010

I'm feeling good!

Hellloooo Sunday!

Exercise with Matt and Alaya today was SOO much fun! Ok running still totally not my strong point but I think if I can keep up with this amount of energy I might even be able to do a 5K without too much difficulty! (I say this now...)

And the stomach muscles arnt complaining too much from sit ups and what not so woo hoo!

ANND I'm not even as tired as I should be. Especially considering it took me forever to fall asleep last night.

Wow I hope this level of energy keeps going. It feels SOOOO good to be healthy and energetic and happy!

Woah I can feel the energy and hyperness even seeping into this blog with the overuse of capital letters and exclamation marks. hehe

And if you think this is bad you should've seen my hyperself at Sylvia's birthday last night!

What can I say I'm in a good mood, I wanna share it with the world and hopefully bring at least a smile to your face with my crazyness.

Right off now to help Janny with her moodboard.

Keep smiling people!

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