Saturday, 16 January 2010

Good morning!

Morning everyone! Welcome to Saturday! :-D

First of all have to tell you about the amazing-ness if FanFiction that is Clipped Wings and Inked Armour Thank you Obs! It is my new obsession. Although I have managed to resist the urge to give up sleep unlike with Wide Awake. However maybe thats because I've been going to bed really late this past few nights.

I have set myself a goal. I want to be in much better shape for when I go to America. I've been saying for far too long now "I need to do more exercise, eat less chocolate" etc. Now the prospect of being able to justify going shopping for new clothes before my trip is just all too tempting! So I went to bed last night deciding that today I woud either go for a run (dont laugh too hard - I know I dont really run and that would be an amusing sight) or a bike ride. (Much more my type of exercise!) And OF COURSE its raining. But I take that to be a sign of my determination, I WILL cycle in the rain dammit!

The plans for America are all formulating nicely. First draft of schedule is looking pretty good, should only need a few minor alterations and then its just a case of booking it! Can anyone else say "Excited?!"

Hehe, just saw a group on Facebook that says something like "Realising what I've just said and instantly regretting it" I think the worst way of doing that is with Freudian slips! (Wikied that shit for you) Although you can learn an awful lot about yourself that way....You can also severly embaress yourself unintentinally.

Right breakfast then exercise. Then out tonight for my friend Sylvia's birthday celebrations. Good day today!

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