Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Flying Alarm Clock

As anyone who even vaguley knows me will tell you - I dont do mornings! If I need to be out the door at 9 I will roll out of bed at 8:45 and run out the door at 9:05 with odd shoes shoving toast in my mouth.

Ok that might be a slight exageration but I was thinking "Hmm maybe it would be nice to be able to take my time in the shower, have a cup of tea, make my lunch and maybe even get to work on time"

And its not like I dont try. My old phone has 6 (6!) different alarms going off at varying intervals from 7:30 - 8:30. I dont even acknolwedge it until the third or fourth one....

So when Kirsty (the queen of finding all manner of marvalous things online!) suggested getting one of these I  thought it was a FANTASTIC idea!

I was quite chuffed actually, I ordered it on Monday and it came yesterday! So much for "5 working days" - result!

Bascially you set the alarm, then not only does it goe off with a mega loud siren sound but you cant turn it off until you find the lil propeller thing that goes flying off somewhere.

So my mum mananged to get it working (I get frustrated with tiny screws and fiddly buttons, I end up wanting to throw the damn thing across the room). And BOY does it work. Not only was I awoken to a siren but the wind from the thing taking off blew in my face too. I spent 10 minutes looking for the damn propeller (had to shove the base unit under a pillow so as not to wake the whole of East London) only to find it on the blooming bed!

But yeah it works. Now if only it could also remind me to not forget my lunch dispite being up 2 hours before I needed to leave the house...

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  1. Oh my it really does fly! That is insane. I have only seen those that roll away from you on the floor. Wow you really dont do mornings. Good to know, LOL. I wake up at 5am everyday, yeah crazy I know and just have the one alarm on my cell phone. And usually I wake up before it goes off. Or well as you know I am BFF with insomnia, that dirty mistress, haha. BUt so cool, what an invention! Love that it works. Hopefully you remember your lunch tomorrow!!!


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