Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Oky doky! Welcome to a New Year. New start, new challenges, new-ness in general! :)

Looking at the lovely Ninna's blog I thought I might do a quick re-cap of 2009, Sarah style! To be honest I'm not really sure I remember everything that happened. But here are a few bits and pieces I remember from each month.

Before that though...I must bid a sad farewell. Goodbye and Adieu to my beloved.

Goodbye to David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. His final show was yesterday. No spoilers I promise but all I will say is you will be sobbing. *Sniffs* Im actually watching boxsets now to try and get through this awful time.

Although Christopher Eccelston had a VERY special place in my heart it was like that of a first love. However David will always be my true love. He is my Doctor and I just dont feel I will be able to cope.

I am ashamed to admit that seeing the trailor for the new series made me want to see it HOWEVER it is because of the stories (Stephen Moffatt is a genius). The Weeping Angels look set to make a reapparence. But Matt Smith totally has his work cut out to even enter my periphery as an acceptable doctor.


After watcing the fantabulous Jim Carey in "Yes Man" I decided to become a 'Yes Girl'. I'd had a long period of being rubbish and unsocialble so I decided that unless I had a good reason not to I would say Yes to things more! (Technically this was around December time but nothing much interesting happened in January!)
We got Mitchell! Can't believe we've had our gorgeous lil' kitten for nearly a year now. Well he's not really a kitten anymore. But he is gorgeous still. This is him doing a "Sid" from Ice age impersination!


My 22nd birthday! Excellent night out at Kokosn costume. Overal a very good night that offered huge boosts to my self esteem :) Followed by another lovey night out at Luna Lounge restaruant where everyone - boys included - wore bright red lipstick! hehehe :)


Riaz and Jamal, my friends twins turned one! They are two of the cutest kids in the world and I love them to bits. I just realised that at the turn of the next decade they will be in secondary school. And we will be 32! Scary thought...


May...may...may. Not much happened to be honest. It was my mums birthday on the 1st. Oh! May may well (forgive the awful pun) have been the month I was finally seduced by Wide Awake. Still not finished it though. Loss of momentum and all. However thanks to Pharmers wonderful-ness I will hopefully be able to print it out and re-read it from the start in its entireity.


Italy! Went to Italy for Nura's wedding. Had an absolutly fantastic time! Much drinking, much dancing, much laughing. Sadly much rain but luckily her Wedding Day was beautiful. Certainly set the standards for Oliver's Wedding this year! :) Also began the joke of "I love my Girlies" being "I love..." Well lets just say something else. Thanks again for that guys!


Lots of things happening. Started driving lessons, Janna left to live in Paris for a few months, baking cookies with Alaya, Zakiyyah my very talented friend graduated Uni and also went to Lyme Regis with mumsie! Lots of fun in the sun during the summer of '09!


More fun in the sun! Daytrip to Eastbourne to celebrate Holly's 21st birthday. Super fun with my girlies! (Dispite a minor bleeding then throwing up incident and ghost stories in the car on the way home)


Month of many running events. Great North Run with Lisa, Nat and Kirsty - thank you so much to you girls for working so hard! And super proud of my mum, Carol and sister for completing the adidas Women's Challenge. Well done guys!


Blue October in concert who were AMAZING! (Blue October in October - how cool is that) Then I went up to Glasgow to see the amazing Lexling that is Becca! Had a super fun time giggling about Charlie and Candy Mountain whilst squeeing about our new found love that is Johnny Flynn! hen Halloween. My official day of moving on :)Fantastic night overal, had so much fun! And FYI dark shots in test tubes will always be dangerous. hehe!!


My Events Management Course came to a very succesful culmination. Our pitch was amazing. On top of that me and the girls have decided on our business. Its going to be hard work but we're confident about it. Exciting times!


Christmas of course. New Years eve. The month I started this blog. And on the 20th one year since I joined the Lex and discovered the joy that are my Lexlings! Becca, Honey, Jasmine, Megan, Sonia, Misty, Maria, Ninna, Tilly and Cody. I am so glad to have each of you in my life. And to everyone else who I chat to and hope to get to know better in 2010.

So there it is. My 2009. Actually a lot better than I remember it. I've obviously been focussing too much on the negative.

Here's to 2010 being an even better year. This time next year I hope to be able to report new job, new home, passing my driving test and maybe even new person in my life...

And I WILL do because I have decided this is going to be a GOOD year! Woo hoo!

And I hope every single person I know and love does too. Happy 2010 everybody! xxx


  1. yay for awesome lexlings like you :)
    can't wait to continue the friendship so we can say "remember that first time we met for real" years later :-D

  2. Tomorrow is my 1st anniversary on the lex!


  3. aww sarah! This is a wonderful entry of yours!! Like the whole recap you did for 2009! and I'm soo happy that I saw my name there awww..feels really good! =) I'm soo lucky to have you and the rest of the lexlings in my life!! You're such a sweetie! And your trip to Becca's place was the best!! I'm going to comment about your American trip but might do it on the other entry! <3 yah!


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